How to Fix Royal Mail Tracking Not Working Issue

Royal Mail is a UK-based company that helps you send letters and packages. They also offer a tracking service known as Royal Mail Tracking, which allows you to track the location of your mail or package. To use this service, you will need an identification number consisting of 12-27 characters. You can find this number on your receipt or in the email sent by Royal Mail.

When trying to enter this number, you may encounter an error message that says ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’. This is a rare situation as Royal Mail is known for its reliable government-backed services. Make sure that you enter the tracking number accurately, which can be found on your receipt, shipping label, or confirmation email.

Usually, Royal Mail scans items within an hour after they are dispatched. If you have recently sent your item, it’s advisable to wait for some time before attempting to track it.

Why is My Royal Mail Tracking Not Working?

Royal Mail is a postal service, and there are some situations when you cannot resolve service-related difficulties on your own. If the problem is with Royal Mail, you may need to call their local branch office for assistance. Following are some usual methods to why Royal Mail Tracking may be unavailable:

Royal Mail Tracking Not Working
Royal Mail Tracking Not Working

The Tracking Number Provided is Incorrect

The tracking number you’re using for your package may not be correct. This could be due to an error in how you entered it. Generally, the tracking number consists of 12 to 27 characters. The label affixed to your package can be located on your receipt or in the email confirmation you received when you shipped your item.

The Problem with Royal Mail’s System

Sometimes, while it doesn’t happen regularly, there can be an issue with the Royal Mails tracking system. If you’re certain that you’ve entered the tracking number and the item has been scanned, but you’re not getting any updates, you might be reaching out to their customer support for help.

Royal Mail Server Issue

Royal Mails tracking system might experience some difficulties due to server issues. In case there is not much you can do except wait for them to resolve the problem. It is an issue on their side. You will need to be patient until they have it fixed.

Due to an Overload, the item is being Delayed.

If Royal Mail has a volume of parcels to process, it may delay delivering your item. As such, the tracking information might not be updated as regularly as usual.

Cache and Cookie Errors

When your computer’s cookies and cache have been affected, and you attempt to use your Reference Number or Tracking ID, the message service may be temporarily unavailable.

How to Fix Royal Mail Tracking Not Working or Down

When you’re having problems with Royal Mail tracking, and it’s not identifying your details. You have several methods for fixing your Royal Mail tracking not working or down issue. Following are the methods given below.

Royal Mail Server Problems

When the Royal Mail service is not working properly it’s generally due to issues with their computer servers. When their computers are experiencing difficulties, there’s not much we can do except wait.

However, we have discovered a method to check if their computer servers are up and running. There’s a website called Down Detector that indicates whether the Royal Mail tracking system is operational or not. If you’re having any difficulties with Royal Mail tracking, you can click on the “I have a problem” option on that website.

Check The Tracking Number

If you mistakenly input the tracking number, you won’t be able to track your item. Then, check that the tracking number is entered correctly. Typically, it consists of 12 to 27 characters. It can be located on your receipt, shipping label, or in the email confirmation you received when you delivered your item.

Wait for Some Hours

Generally, Royal Mail scans packages shortly after they’re dispatched. It will sometimes take a little longer. If you’ve recently sent your item, give it an hour before attempting to track its progress. The tracking information may not have been updated yet, particularly if your package has not yet been scanned by Royal Mail.

Remove Your Browser Cache and Cookies

When you visit a website, your internet browser saves information known as ‘cache and cookies.’ This helps the website load faster when you revisit it. However, there are situations when these stored data sources can become corrupted and lead to issues. Sometimes, it is advisable to clear them to resolve any problems.

Visit your Local Branch Office

Once the solutions you have tried further have not resolved the issue with tracking, it might be advisable to reach out to your nearby Royal Mail branch. Then, the staff at Royal Mail may mistakenly overlook entering your details into their system, which can lead to problems with tracking. To address this matter, you could visit the branch office in your area. Kindly request their assistance in resolving the problem.

Call Royal Mail Customer Service

If none of the solutions have resolved the issue, contact the customer support team at Royal Mail. They will look into the issue and assist you in locating the product.

How to Check Royal Mail Tracking

  1. Visit the official webpage of Royal Mail Tracking at
  2. Now. Enter the reference number of your shipment.
  3. Then, Proceed with the ‘Track Your Delivery’ option.
  4. Finally, you will get the current status of your shipment on the screen.

Why doesn’t my Royal Mail Tracking work?

This problem might have several causes. Please make sure that you have entered the tracking number. If you are the specified receiver, please verify that the sender has given you the reference number. Also, confirm that the reference number matches a Royal Mail tracking package.

What should I do if my Royal Mail package does not arrive?

If your package doesn’t reach you by the expected delivery date and there is a delay of ten business days, the sender may have the option to request compensation. To check if you qualify for payment, kindly visit our Claims Center. Please keep in mind that claims cannot be processed in advance. If you are the receiver of the package, we kindly request that you get in touch with the sender directly.

How can I call Royal Mail Tracking?

You may contact Royal Mail at 03457740740 or visit their website. If you have any inquiries regarding tasks such as the delivery of your mail, if there are any issues with missing, damaged, or delayed mail, if you wish to change the destination of your mail, if you search for assistance in tracking a package, or if you require advice, on selecting mailing services.

How long will the Royal Mail tracking number take to work?

Your Royal Mail tracking details will be updated within 24 to 48 hours. When you send something, it’s important to have your tracking number. This allows you to easily monitor your package’s location and status at every step of its visit.

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