How to Change Threads Username

Change or Modify your Threads Username through Instagram, The Step by Step Guide for Changing Threads Username Quickly, No option to Change your Threads Username Directly from the App or Web, At present we can change the Trereads Username through Instagram Only.

Threads from Instagram is an American popular social media and social networking service owned by Meta platform, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the owner of Facebook. The app is available on all devices such as IOS and Android.

Users can share text, images, posts, and videos and interact with users’ posts. This app has been useful for users who search for how to change their Username on Threads or how to change Threads user names without a username on Instagram.

Change Threads Username

As it is easy and convenient to change your Thread username. Users should take time to secure their Username if they have an Instagram account. You can log in to the new platform at Threads app by using your Instagram username if you signed up for Threads Instagram app.

Change Threads Username
Change Threads Username

How to Change Username on Threads

Changing the Username of the Threads app is easy, as you can change your Threads Username by editing your Instagram username. If you signed up for threads from the Instagram app, you must go to your Instagram account because the Threads app uses your Instagram account to log in; threads share your basic details and Instagram.

To edit usernames on threads, you have to change your Instagram username. Here is the guide for changing Threads Username on iPhone and Android phones;

  1. You need to log in to the Instagram app.
  2. After logging, tap on the profile icon on the right-corner side.
  3. Continue by clicking on the edit profile option.
  4. Press on the Username and tap the desired Username.
  5. Tap on the Done button in the right corner.
  6. Once you edit your Username in the Instagram app, it reflects on Threads IOS App or Android.
  7. Launch the Thread app and check your Username.

How to Secure Your Threads Account Private

Threads is a text–based conversation app, it is set similarly to Twitter, and your account is set to public by default. However, if you like to share conversations with only an approved audience, you can make a private Threads account by selecting your account confidential.

Here are some simple steps to follow to set your Threads account private;

  1. Open the Threads app and navigate to your profile from the bottom side.
  2. On the top-right corner, press on the menu section.
  3. Click on privacy in the settings section.
  4. Launch the privacy profile toggle and tap on ok on the pop-up page. Your Threads account is private; approved people can see and interact with your content.
  5. If you need to make your account public, disable the toggle and press the OK option.

How to Change Threads Username on the Website

Follow these steps to change the threads Username on the website;

  1. Go to your Instagram profile in the browser at
  2. Press the profile icon and select the Edit Profile option.
  3. Next, tap the personal details option, and you will be directed to the Instagram account center.
  4. Choose the account for which you need to change the Username and update the Username.
  5. Lastly, hit the submit button after you have updated the Username.

How to view Profiles in Threads using Instagram

Users can easily view your threads profile using your Instagram account. However, this method will temporally let you see another account. Following the process to view profiles in threads using Instagram;

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and press your profile icon in the bottom corner.
  2. Click the arrow button next to your profile name and select the other account.
  3. Continue by hitting your Threads ID and selecting the View Threads profile option.
  4. A new page will open, displaying the new profile in Threads as it appears on the screen.

Do’s and Don’ts for Changing Username

Users can change their Username by following the instructions below;

  • Your Instagram username must be unique and must follow the guideline on Instagram usernames.
  • You should be careful when inputting your number several times to change your Username.
  • Check the availability of the usernames before changing the Username can be done online.
  • Use your Username to update your other social media profile and website.
  • Ensure you update your Username and old details.

What is the Thread app?

Threads is an Instagram platform provided by Instagram service.

What way to change your thread’s Username?

At Present, there is no settings or option for changing the Threads Username on the Thread app.

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