DLink Login, D-Link Router login Guide to Set Username & Password

DLink Login for Config WiFi Router Admin Panel and Set Username & Password or Reset Admin Password if you have lost or forgotten – A Complete Guide…

An IP address is a numeric value that is given to each and every communication device. (this is under IPV4 internet protocol version 4) is the IP address that is maintained in a maximum number of communication devices, it is the internet protocol address, and the main function of the IP address is to identify the host and the location tracking. These devices may be routers, printers, or computers. This IP address can be changed by opening the control panel or management console panel of the router.

DLink Login

A small enterprise or an organisation use an IP address as an internal private network to use internet connection, 254 computer systems can be connected internally, that is the last number in the IP address can be changed from 1 to 254 (i.e. to, by default, manufacturer assign address to all devices, you can change the IP address as per your requirements between this range, the default address can be changed through opening the URL: –

D Link Router Login

When the user wants to change the settings of the router and wanted to go to the management console he need not connect to the internet service, he just needs to connect to the router’s console. D-Link routers use IP addresses. Below are the steps provided to log in to configure DLink router settings.

Check your IP address from Windows PC:

D-Link Router Login

You directly check the IP address of the router through the PC by opening ‘run’, and entering the command ‘cmd’ in the run address, and it will open a blank black page. Here enter, the command “ipconfig” and click next, there you can see the network address.

Check your IP address from MAC PC:
Same as run in pc there is an app called terminal in mac, you can open mac and write the command “netstat-nr|grep default”.

192.168.o.1 D’link login

The login page opens when you type on the browser address bar, for the DLink router the username is admin and the password is left blank, for the Netgear router the username is admin and the password is 1234 or password, if it is any other router refer the manual as we all know username and password differ from router to router.

Now login as an administrator as given above username and password, if u don’t want to give access to your router to others you may change the username and password credentials, after entering login details click on the login button.

After login, it opens the administrator interface and there you may change the password, you can change the password by clicking on administrator where there will be an option to change the password and make your own secure password strong.

D-Link Router Login – Steps to connect to a wireless router:

Now a day’s wireless router is growing very popular to all mobile and computer users, this router doesn’t require any connected cable, So now installation is widely used in all enterprise, they are using Wi-Fi routers as it is more convenient compared to conventional routers concerning network traffic. So now I am going to share all information required to set up a wireless router.

  1. you can connect the router to the computer directly by cable. Once connected successfully you open any browser and type the Dlink router IP address. It will direct to the console username and a password is required.
  2. After the login setup wizard will open there click on the installation wizard and click next.
  3. Installation finished restart router.
  4. Change the wireless setting giving username and password and also the SSID name which is generally the router model number.
  5. Again, reboot the router and now connect to the network.

Now, I am going to share How to overcome the problem if you can’t be able to get access to
If you have faced this issue then the first thing you have to look whether the gateway of your computer is or not. Go to cmd and type “ipconfig” In some cases, it displays the above IP address but fails to connect or unable to show you the router login panel, it might be for Firewall or might be for the network port.

To overcome this problem go to cmd screen and type “ping” Ping command is used to whether your system is connected to the network, and also you can see the speed of the network, if the command failed to display any information or it is time out, then it is sure that your computer is not connected to the router, to overcome this problem, please check-

  1. Whether you put the correct IP address.
  2. Check whether the router is ON.
  3. Check your router firewall settings.

If you ever face a problem configuring to connect to your system then you may use the above steps.

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