TG / TS DDO Request Telangana Employee Salary Bills

Government of Telangana is announced the TG DDO Request Website for Telangana State Government Employees Salary bills through TS treasury. Now the TG State Employees can prepare their bills online to site of TG Treasury at Now the Employees Can Access their every month their main functions of the Telangana State Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts are Maintenance of civil, local funds, Processing pension cases of the respective departments, Conducting financial transactions of the government such as payment of salaries, and other payments, Payment of pensions, Exercise treasury control over all departmental financial transactions with reference to the Budget with TG DDO Claim.

The TG DDO Request Now Available By entering their DDO Code and password the Disbursing Officer can submit pay bills . The Employee Once get into the page there are options for month of salary of an employee’s pay details like Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance(DA), PP, FP and deductions like ZPPF, GPF, APGLI, PT, GIS. By Entering all the details DDO can submit salary bills to treasury.
All the Government Employee can access his/her salary details by entering Employee Treasury ID like Previous DDO Request for TS Employe DDO Climes.

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