Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck? Steps with Best Plugins

The Steam Deck is an effective, full-of-feature portable gaming PC that allows users to personalize their online gaming experiences. Gamers may customize resolutions, frame rates, energy usage, and other settings with their Steam Decks.

Users are able to customize everything from styles to start-up animations, desktop operations, simulation successes, and more due to software installs like Decky Loader. This guide will guide Steam Deck users through the process of downloading the Decky Loader program to enable them to take advantage of the capabilities of their portable devices.

How to Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck

Decky Loader installation is easy. Decky Loader may be installed by managing the Steam Deck desktop interface, downloading an application, and double-clicking it. The steps are detailed below.

Activate Developer Mode

To install Decky Loader, you must first activate Developer Mode on Deck. Here’s how you can do it while also installing the Decky loader.

  1. Go to the Settings option by clicking the Steam button on your Steam Deck.
  2. Click on System and activate the ‘Developer Mode‘ option.
  3. Find the Developer option by scrolling down to the bottom of the sidebar. Once you do identify it, Developer mode on your Steam Deck has been activated.
Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck
Install Decky Loader on Steam Deck

Change to Desktop Mode

Switch your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode now. Follow our related instructions to find out everything there is to know about Steam OS desktop mode.

Decky Loader to be downloaded and installed.

  1. Go to the Decky Loader website at and press the “Download” button to receive the decky_installer desktop file.
  2. On the Deck, start the Dolphin file manager, go to downloads, then double-click or click on the downloaded file to install it.
  3. Within the window that shows, choose the release button and then press OK.
  4. According to the connection to the internet speed, the installation will require 30-40 seconds.
  5. After installing, return to the game mode by clicking the Steam button on the Deck and then selecting the Power button.

How to Install Steam Deck Plugins via Decky Loader

You’ll now be ready to get started installing Steam Deck plugins. However, Decky Loader has a specific look where you can easily download and begin utilizing the plugins. There are many plugins available here, and all of them are free and open-source.

  1. Click the ‘Plug‘ symbol after pressing the three-dot symbol on your Steam Deck.
  2. Next, press the Decky Store symbol to access it.
  3. To install a plugin on your Steam Deck, explore the list of plugins and press the ‘Install‘ button.
  4. After installation, these must now display on the Decky Loader’s main page. Then you may click and utilize it.

Best Decky Loader Plugins for Steam Deck

The most effective suggestion is to check out the Decky Store to see what’s available. The main Decky website has a huge amount of excellent best applications and plugins available. Some of them are given below.

  • Animation Changer.
  • Discord Status.
  • vibrantDeck.
  • CSS Loader.
  • Audio Loader.
  • Controller Tools.
  • SteamGridDB.
  • Storage Cleaner.
  • AutoFlatpaks.
  • ProtonDB Badges.

How Can I Add a Console to My Steam Deck?

  1. Start Steam and the Valve game you want to make use of the console for.
  2. Select Options from the main menu.
  3. Choose the Keyboard option.
  4. Select the Advanced option.
  5. Click the checkbox beside to. Turn on the developer console.
  6. Now, click on Apply button.
  1. What exactly is Decky for Steam Deck?

    Decky Loader is a Steam Deck homemade plugin installer. It may be utilized to style your menus, modify system noises, adjust screen saturation mode, and change other system settings, among other things.

  2. How can I run Steam Deck as if it were a computer?

    Choose the “Switch to Desktop” option from the power options. This will disable Steam OS and return your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode.

  3. Is the Steam Deck a gaming computer?

    The Steam Deck continues to be an effective mobile gaming device thanks to a regular stream of software upgrades and solid support from game developers.

  4. Is there a theme to Steam Deck?

    Users of Steam Deck have to download the Deck Loader plugin to be able to modify their themes and view customized videos. Decky Loader is the basic setup for products such as Power Tools and CSS Loader. CSS Loader is a plugin that enables customers to download Steam Deck themes.

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