Soundboard for Discord, How to Setup & Use Best Soundboards

At present entertainment has become a part of our life. Like listening to audio songs, watching movies, playing games etc., In addition, music also plays a very important role in entertaining. Without music, we cannot enjoy it. So by adding more sounds, we will enjoy and get a lot of fun.

Here there is a feature or application called Soundboard, Which can be used for a variety of purposes, like adding sound effects while gaming, adding full sounds while chatting and so on. Nowadays It has become a very demanded feature. It has the facility to play various kind of sounds and audio clips while conversation or while playing games.

Discord Soundboard

A Discord Soundboard is one of the most popular voice chat app software, which plays a variety of audio clips or sound files while casual voice chatting on the Discord platform gives us fun. Discord Soundboard is also known as a mixer or mixing board.

In addition, Soundboards can perform a wider range of sounds like funny quotes, memes, sound effects, snippets music, video gaming, online radio shows and more. The soundboard plays via the user’s microphone the equivalent sound clip and allows everyone in the voice chat to hear it.

Discord SoundBoard
Discord SoundBoard

How to get the ‘Soundboard’ feature on Discord

Observe the following steps to get the Soundboard feature on Discord.

  • Connect with a server and join your proposed voice channel.
  • Drive to tap on the Soundboard icon on the lower left during connection.
  • Float over any currently available sound in Soundboard opened.
  • Then push Play to play that sound in the voice channel.
  • Finally, If there’s a sound you admire, tap on the Star icon to prefer a sound or to sample a sound and it plays only for yourself.

How to Set up a Soundboard for Discord

Observe the following steps to set up a Soundboard for Discord.

  1. Initiate choosing and Installing a Virtual Audio Device.
  2. Next, set up a soundboard for Discord.
  3. First, you need to pick a virtual audio device like VB-CABLE.
  4. Next, download VB-CABLE and install it on your PC.
  5. Later, put CABLE Output as Your Discord Mic.
  6. Set Your Mic via Your Virtual Audio Device.

How to Use a Soundboard for Discord

Follow the instructions to set up a soundboard for Discord.

Install a Virtual Audio Device

  • Firstly, download and Install a virtual audio device like VB-CABLE, on your PC.

Set Your Discord Mic CABLE Output

  • Later, Open Discord and tap on User Settings.
  • Then tap App Settings.
  • Move to Voice & Video.
  • Next, move to tap INPUT DEVICE and choose CABLE Output.

Route Mic of Your Virtual Audio Device

  1. Move to Settings > Choose System > Then tap on Sound.
  2. Under Input, pick your input device as a Microphone.
  3. Then, tap on Device properties below.
  4. After that Tap to Additional device properties.
  5. Later, in the pop-up list, go to the Listen tab.
  6. Next, check to Listen to this device and choose CABLE Input below Playback via this device.
  7. In the end, the soundboard for Discord can play directly to your Voice Chat and the same way in your microphone.

How to Give/Remove Soundboard Permissions on Discord

Observe the following instructions to give or remove the Soundboard permission for specific roles or server members.

  1. First, open Discord.
  2. Move to your server and tap on the server name.
  3. Tap on Server Settings and then tap on Roles.
  4. Next, tap on Create Role.
  5. The Name of the created role is “Admin“.
  6. Move to “Permissions“.
  7. Tap to enable permissions to enable or to remove tap to disable permissions.
  8. Later scroll down to “Advanced Permissions“.
  9. Click on “Administrator“.
  10. Go back to the server.

How to Manage Sounds for Soundboard

To run the present Soundboard on your server

  • Move to Server Settings.
  • Tap on Soundboard.
  • Then you can edit or remove any present sounds in the list.
  • To disable any of the existing uploaded sounds press the “x” button option after that to a sound.

To edit a role

  • Move to Server Settings.
  • Later tap on Roles.
  • Finally, tap to enable or disable it per role below Permissions.

Best Soundboards for Discord You Can Use

There are 13 best soundboards for Discord and given information about each one.


It is a very famed Soundboard for Discord and the well-known thing about Resonance is that it is totally free. It is completely customizable according to your requirements like setting hotkeys or buttons for play and pause and also for your liked sound effects or audio clips.


This is not a free app to use. You can use Soundpad in text and voice apps like Discord, Skype and Teamspeak and also straightly in games like Counter-Strike, PUBG, DOTA 2, etc.

Clownfish Voice Changer

The Clownfish Voice Changer is mainly used for modifying your voice and it is free. Some of the admired voices are Robot, Radio, Alien, Baby Pitch and Helium Pitch. And you can also run the background music from the playlist via the microphone.

JN Soundboard

The JN Soundboard app like same as the EXP Soundboard with slightly more features. But it is not a multiple platform and it is free to use. And it is easy to allow hotkeys to various sounds and also load hotkeys that are in the form of XML files.

Voicemod – Best Modern Discord Soundboard

One of the most well-known Soundboard apps which can play directly in games as well as voice chat and it is not for free. With this allocate the hotkeys in a simple way. and if you have dedicated macro hardware like Stream Deck, then you integrate that as well.

Voxal Voice Changer

This is free for non-commercial usage and others need to pay. It is very easy to use in any game and application that uses a microphone to modify your voice. Here you can create your own liked voice effect and save them for voice adjustment. And it is a free app.

EXP Soundboard

It is an app for a free, simple and easy way to use Soundboard for Discord. It has many features that you might be waiting for when using Discord. You can give keyboard hotkeys so that you can play your wishing sound with a single click of a button option.

AV Voice Changer

One of the most expensive and professional with full of features for Soundboard needs. It has plenty of features like voice effects, voice morphing, an audio mixer, an audio player voice editor, a voice recorder, and many others. You can apply AV Voice Changer in instant messengers, VoIP programs, voice chat applications, and in-game chats.

Morphvox Pro

One more billed app comes along with plenty of features which are very useful in your Soundboard for Discord. It has mainly a large collection of in-built voices like Robot, Giant, Demon, Child, etc. and additionally, you can add a background sound during conversations.

Podcast Soundboard

The Podcast Soundboard app is mainly planned with well-suited multiple platforms i.e., you can get the Podcast Soundboard app for iOS, Windows, and MacOS. In addition, you can find a lot of options such as colour-coded controls, fade-out, volume control, loop, etc. And it is not free.

Jingle Palette

It is also one of the free usable apps and it is naturally designed for radio broadcasts, where you can find 30 various sound effects, audio clips etc. on a single palette by using a simple click of the mouse.


You can run it free of cost and if you are into mixing songs, DJing and other sound-related jobs, then Mixere is very useful for those things mentioned. And it runs with the support of the virtual audio device.

Official Soundboard of Discord

It is a greatly demanded feature now. It accesses the users to play different types of sounds and audio clips while voice chattings or during playing games and it is free to use. Basically, it is a gathering of sound effects, music, and other audio files that can be activated at the push of a button.

Get complete details about Disctord SoundBoard through FAQ – Here.

  1. How can I use the Discord Soundboard on mobile?

    Not yet it is still progressing. You can hear the sounds but not possible to use the Soundboard. It is possible only on desktop apps.

  2. What is Soundboard on Discord?

    A soundboard is a designed computer software program, Web application, or device, earlier developed in Adobe Flash that categorized and plays various audio clips.

  3. How can I make my soundboard bigger on Discord?

    There are two major adjustments on the soundboard for the loud sound on Discord. One is the gain is the pot also called aka knob at the above of the channel and the second one is the volume is the fader at the lower of the channel.

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