How to Claim Health Insurance Online

Ever one loves their life, so most of the people make health insurance for themselves to help in health crises. But when you’re admitted in hospital or when you need medical help. Then you would want to claim your health insurance for better treatment. You must claim your health insurance from your insurance company. So, I will explain you how to claim health insurance online.

Health insurance can be claimed in two ways generally. One is cashless procedure for immediate admission or cashless procedure for planed admission. You might have been injured or taken to a hospital and received medical treatment. Then you can use cashless procedure for immediate admission and claim through this your health insurance and pay for your charges. Or else you would want to undergo any future surgery or treatment, and then you can choose the second post for this reason.

For both the health insurance claiming you will need to follow below mentioned procure and steps for claiming your health insurance perfectly in time.

Note: You can use this procedure for both immediate and planned admission.


  • Cashless facility is available only for your health insurance company, before being admitted. You must check whether you insurance company allows restive hospital treatment or any hospital is in their network.
  • Then your insurance company will give you a private identity card from which you can make your treatment.
  • When you reach the hospital, you need to quote the medical treatment fees from hospital number.
  • Hospital will give you to fill cashless receipt from and get certified it from your doctor.
  • Then, that certified form will be bent to your insurance company using their online network. You can also send through any other man, but online is the fastest way of sending and getting recovered.
  • Then you insurance company will claim your insurance and submitted documents to the respected hospital through email or online means.
  • You need to do anything, just show your identify card and send details to your insurance company online and get certified form of claiming insurance and get well treatment.

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