How to Buy Macy’s Gift Card

Buy a Macy’s Gift Card online as a digital format eGift card with personalized gift cards depending on the occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, and it is a good option to get a redemption code through email delivery. If you want to purchase physical gift cards with instant delivery, you can visit nearby stores to choose multiple options with various denominations from $10 to $1,000.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, buy a Macy’s gift card and gift them to buy their desired product from Macy’s website. They can be used for shopping in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, furniture, home decor, kitchen appliances, and more.

Macy’s Gift Card

Macy’s gift cards are like special money you can use to buy things at Macy’s stores. When you are not sure what someone likes, by using this gift card, they make great gifts. A Macy’s gift card is a prepaid gift card you can use instead of cash or regular bank cards, but only at Macy’s stores. Use your Macy’s gift card at Macy’s store or online for purchase. The Macy’s gift cards are available in two types of physical gift cards and electronic mode digital format e-gift cards.

Macy's Gift Card
Macy’s Gift Card

Where to Buy Macy’s Gift Cards?

To buy Macy’s gift card, you can follow the ways shown below:

  • Official Macy’s website at
  • Physical stores like Macy’s Stores, Giant Eagle, etc.
  • Third-party retailers and Supermarkets like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc
  • Using Macy’s App, you can buy only E-gift cards.

How to Buy Macy’s Gift Card Online

Buying a Macy’s Gift Card online is a very good option; you can choose various options along with customized and personalized messages on your gift, and online purchase has multiple option delivery options such as email delivery and delivery through courier or mail. To buy a Macy’s gift card online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Macy’s at
    • You can buy from affiliated retailers and online sellers such as Amazon.
  2. Select Gifts and Choose Physical Gift Card or E-Gift Cards by following the main menu options.
  3. Choose the type of gift card you want to buy and select the amount you want to load on the gift card.
  4. Give the details of the person to whom you are sending, like the recipient’s name, recipient email ID, and a personal message for the E-gift card.
  5. Click on the “Add to Cart” button and Pay the bill by using different payment methods.

How to Buy Macy’s Gift Card at A Store

If you want instant delivery for Physical Gift Cards, you must prefer to visit a nearby store, and here are the smile steps.

  1. Go to Macy’s store directly or search the official website to find the nearest Macy’s store from your location.
  2. Choose the gift card type and specific denomination you want to load on the gift card.
  3. Take a gift card to the cashier or storekeeper, and pay the bill by using your credit card or money.
  4. Take the receipt as proof of purchase.

How to Get Macy’s Gift Card Redeem Code

Buying a digital format E-Gift Card is a good option to get a redemption code with email delivery, if you have bought a Physical Gift Card, just scratch the specific section to view Macy’s Gift Card Redeem Code.

How to Get Macy’s Gift Card Code Email Delivery

When you have purchased an E-Gift card online, you have the option to get email delivery, On the checkout section you can select the email delivery option, which will help you to send the redemption code of your gift card instantly or schedule delivery to your loved one.

How to Activate Macy’s Gift Card

  • You can activate your Macy’s gift card at the store during a purchase at the checkout counter. The cashier will swipe the card details into the system, and the card will become active with the purchased value.
  • You can also activate it at the official Macy’s website. After completing the online transaction, the card will activated.

Does Macy’s Gift Card Expire?

In general, Macy’s gift cards do not have an expiration date. This means the amount on the gift card should remain until it is used. Anyway, it is important to check the terms and conditions of your specific Macy’s gift card, as there may be exceptions or special circumstances where expiration dates or fees could apply.

Where can I purchase Macy’s gift cards?

You can buy Macy’s gift cards at Macy’s department stores, online through the official Macy’s website, or at select third-party retailers.

Can I buy Macy’s gift cards with different denominations?

Yes, Macy’s gift cards are available in various denominations; choose the amount you like to load on the card. Common denominations include $25, $50, $100, and more.

How can I purchase a Macy’s e-gift card online?

To purchase a Macy’s gift card online, go to Click “Gift Cards”. Select the card type and amount. Enter recipient details. Click “Add to Cart.” Pay the amount by using various methods.

Are there any additional fees when buying Macy’s gift cards?

Generally, there are no extra fees associated with buying Macy’s gift cards. You only pay the face value of the gift card, and there are no activation or processing fees.

What happens if I lose my Macy’s gift card after a purchase?

It is essential to treat your Macy’s gift card like cash. If you lose it, it may not be replaced or refunded. Store it in a safe place and make note of the card’s details, such as the card number and PIN, to prevent loss.

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