How to Buy Ulta Gift Card in 2024

Ulta Beauty is a renowned retailer that offers an extensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products, making it a haven for beauty enthusiasts. Whether you’re searching for a present for a makeup aficionado, a skincare devotee, or someone who simply enjoys exploring new beauty products, an Ulta Gift Card provides the freedom to select from a diverse range of brands and items.

By giving an Ulta Gift Card, you’re granting the recipient access to a world of possibilities within the beauty industry. From luxury cosmetics to affordable skincare essentials, Ulta Beauty caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. This makes the Ulta Gift Card an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or simply to show appreciation.

Ulta Gift Card

An Ulta Gift Card is a versatile and convenient way to share the joy of beauty and cosmetics with someone special. Ulta Beauty, one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States, offers a vast selection of beauty products, skincare items, haircare essentials, fragrances, and more. An Ulta Gift Card provides the recipient with the freedom to choose from a wide range of products, ensuring they can find exactly what they desire from both high-end and affordable brands.

Buy Ulta Gift Card
Buy Ulta Gift Card

Where to Buy Ulta Gift Cards?

You can purchase Ulta gift cards from various sources:

  • Visit any Ulta Beauty store to buy physical gift cards in various denominations.
  • You can buy both physical and e-gift cards directly from Ulta’s official website. E-gift cards can be delivered instantly via email.
  • Some major retailers like Walmart, Target, and CVS might carry Ulta gift cards. Check their gift card displays or websites.
  • Websites like, Raise, and Gift Card Granny often have Ulta gift cards available for purchase at a discount. Amazon and eBay sometimes offer Ulta gift cards from third-party sellers.
  • Some mobile apps specialize in selling gift cards, such as GiftMe or Gyft. They might have Ulta gift cards available.
  • If you’re looking to buy multiple gift cards, websites like GiftCardSpread offer discounted rates for bulk purchases.

How to Buy Ulta Gift Card Online

Buying an Ulta Gift Card online is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started:

  1. Go to the official Ulta Beauty website using your preferred web browser.
  2. Look for the “Gift Cards” or “Gifts” section on the website. This is often located in the main navigation menu.
  3. Select the type of gift card you want, such as e-gift cards or physical gift cards.
  4. Choose the amount you want to load onto the gift card. Options might range from a specific dollar value to customizable amounts.
  5. Some websites offer the option to personalize the gift card with designs, themes, and messages. Customize as desired.
  6. Click the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button to add the gift card to your shopping cart.
  7. Check your shopping cart to ensure the correct gift card type, amount, and customization options are selected.
  8. Proceed to checkout when you’re ready to purchase the gift card.

How to Buy Ulta Gift Card in Store

To buy an Ulta Gift Card in-store, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a nearby Ulta Beauty store using their website or locater app. Go to the selected Ulta Beauty store. Approach a store associate and let them know you want to purchase an Ulta Gift Card.
  2. Specify if you want a physical or digital Ulta Gift Card in egift format, with a specific value or service.
  3. If it’s a physical gift card, you might have the option to personalize it with a design or message. Provide payment for the chosen gift card value at the checkout counter.
  4. If it’s a physical card, the associate will give you the gift card. For digital cards, they might provide a receipt with instructions on how to redeem it online.
  5. Keep the receipt or any confirmation provided until you’re sure the gift card has been used.You can either give the gift card to someone or use it yourself for purchases at Ulta Beauty stores or online.

How to Get Ulta Gift Card Redeem Code

Ulta Beauty primarily offers physical gift cards and eGift cards that are sent electronically to recipients via email. These eGift cards usually include a unique code that can be redeemed online or in-store. Here’s how you can redeem an Ulta Gift Card using a redeem code:

  1. If you received an eGift card, you should have received an email containing the gift card details, including the redeem code. Open this email.
  2. Visit the official Ulta Beauty website.
  3. If you have an existing account, log in. If not, create a new account.
  4. Look for a section related to gift cards or a “Gift Card” option in the navigation menu.
  5. There should be an option to “Redeem” or “Apply Gift Card.” Click on this option.
  6. Enter the redemption code from the eGift card email into the designated field.
  7. After you’ve entered the code, click the “Apply” button.  The system will verify the code and apply the gift card amount to your account.
  8. You can now shop on the Ulta Beauty website and add products to your cart.
  9. When you’re ready to check out, you’ll likely have the option to use your gift card balance to pay for the order.
  10. Once the transaction is complete, you should receive an order confirmation that reflects the deducted gift card balance.

How to Get Ulta Gift Card Code Email Delivery

If you purchase an eGift card from Ulta Beauty, the gift card code is typically delivered to the recipient’s email address. Here’s how you can acquire an Ulta Gift Card code through email:

  1. Visit the official Ulta Beauty website at
  2. Look for the “Gift Cards” section or search for “eGift Cards.”
  3. Select the eGift card you want to purchase. This could be for a specific amount or a customized amount.
  4. Choose a design for the eGift card and, if available, add a personalized message.
  5. Enter the recipient’s email address. This is where the digital format eGift card code will be sent.
  6. Complete the transaction by entering your payment details.
  7. Once you’ve completed the purchase, the recipient will receive an email at the provided email address.
  8. This email will contain the eGift card details, including the gift card code and instructions on how to redeem it.
  9. The recipient can follow the instructions in the email to redeem the eGift card.
  10. This typically involves visiting the Ulta Beauty website, creating an account, and entering the gift card code during checkout.

How to Use My Ulta Gift Card

Using your Ulta gift card is a straightforward process. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Begin by verifying your Ulta gift card’s balance. You can do this online or by contacting Ulta’s customer service.
  2. If you’re at an Ulta store, select your desired items and proceed to the checkout. Inform the cashier that you are using a gift card.
  3. When shopping on Ulta’s website, add items to your cart. During checkout, input your gift card number and PIN.
  4. Scratch off the protective layer on the card’s back to reveal the card number and PIN required for all transactions.
  5. If your gift card doesn’t cover the full amount, combine it with another payment method, like a credit card.
  6. You can use Ulta gift cards for salon services. Book an appointment and inform them of your payment choice.
  7. Ulta gift cards usually don’t expire, allowing you to use them whenever convenient.
  8. Ulta offers physical and digital gift cards. E-gift card details are sent via email.
  9. The refund is often credited to the gift card if you return purchased items.

Does My Ulta Gift Card Expire?

No, your Ulta gift card does not expire. Ulta gift cards have no expiration date unless they are promotional gift cards. Promotional gift cards may have an expiration date, but this will be clearly stated on the card. You can use your Ulta gift card to purchase goods or services at any Ulta Beauty store or online at

You cannot use an Ulta gift card to purchase other gift cards or Ultimate Rewards points. If your Ulta gift card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a replacement card by contacting Ulta customer service. You will need to provide proof of purchase for the replacement card.

Where can I buy an Ulta gift card near me?

You can purchase Ulta gift cards directly from the official Ulta Beauty website or in-store if you have a location nearby. Many major retailers like supermarkets, drugstores, and big-box stores may carry Ulta gift cards. Examples include Walmart, Target, and CVS.

Online platforms like Amazon often offer electronic or physical Ulta gift cards. Websites that specialize in selling gift cards, such as or Raise, may also have Ulta gift cards available. Some malls or shopping centers have kiosks that sell a variety of gift cards, including Ulta.

If you have an Ulta store near you, you can visit in person and purchase gift cards directly from them.

Can I buy an Ulta gift card with my Ulta credit card?

However, generally speaking, it’s quite common for retailers to allow customers to use their store-branded credit cards to purchase gift cards. Ulta’s policies might have allowed you to use your Ulta credit card to purchase an Ulta gift card, but I recommend checking directly with Ulta’s customer service or looking at their official website to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about their payment options and policies. This will ensure you have the most reliable information for your situation.

Do you get Ulta points for buying gift cards?

However, the specifics of whether purchasing gift cards earned points could vary and might be subject to change. I recommend visiting the official Ulta Beauty website or contacting their customer service directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. They should be able to provide you with the current details of their rewards program and whether purchasing gift cards qualifies for earning points.

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