How to Apply for Provident Fund Online

PF more precisely can be quoted as a small amount of money deducted from a common man’s salary every month. It may be considered as paying for a better future.

When that person needs money, he can withdraw his amount of money from his PF. The government sector provides this facility to people all over India so that they can help themselves in times of distress.

PF Apply Online

For those people. Who doesn’t know how to apply for PF? The simple guide shows a simple method to apply online.

  1. You need to make an account online to view your PF passbook.
  2. This facility is present only for those employees who have submitted their Electronic Challan Cum Return for the wage month of May 2012.
  3. Another important notification is that you do need not to create any ID and password for this process.
  4. All you need is your phone number and any proof details, such as:
    • PAN Card.
    • AADHAR.
    • NPR – National Population Register.
    • Bank Account Number.
    • Voter ID.
    • Password Or.
    • Driving License.

Any of the above proof can be used to register for PF only and can log in to their account easily.

How to Apply for Provident Fund Online

You can also create multiple accounts by using different mobile numbers but you need to have different proofs for each different account you create. Any one of the above-listed proofs can be sued for one account each.

Here is the link for registration online at

After registration, if you want o login in. Use the below link and you can also see the image for any details at ttp:// Right side you can find the login button.

There are also a few terms and conditions for applying PF online, that you strictly need to follow. You may find them on the website itself.

Some of the important things you need to note:
1. One mobile number can be used for only one registration
2. Anyone can see only one account, but if he has more than one. He needs to apply for form 13 to view all accounts.
3. Maximum number of accounts that can be created is 10.

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