Best Way to Get Rid of the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge

There is a Bing button on Microsoft Edge in the top-right corner. You may use it to search more effectively when using the browser. However, there is a simple method to turn off the browser from the settings page if you don’t want to utilize it.

 We will walk you through the procedure in this post for removing the new Bing button from the Edge toolbar. You’ll also discover whether it was a good idea to delete that button in the first place.

Remove the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge

You may take the following actions to get rid of the Bing symbol from Microsoft Edge:

  1. Start using the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Simply click on the three-dot menu symbol in the top-right corner of the Edge window. It ought to be situated close to the address bar.
  3. Choose “Settings” among the selection in the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose “Appearance” on the left sidebar.
  5. Move down to the “Customise toolbar” area in the Appearance options.
  6. Change the switch next to “Show search box” to the off position. The search box and the Bing symbol will both be hidden by this operation.
  7. After completing these instructions, Microsoft Edge’s toolbar will no longer display the Bing symbol.
Get Rid of the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge
Get Rid of the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge

What is the Bing Icon in Microsoft Edge?

With just one click, the Bing button in Microsoft Edge offers you instant access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionalities. You may communicate, write, and gain insightful information about the website you are currently visiting by clicking the Bing button.

You may gain from Bing’s AI in several ways. It can quickly and easily create lengthy emails and blog articles. Additionally, you may choose the duration and tone when requesting Bing to create anything for you. Using Edge’s Chat feature, you may ask Bing to condense a lengthy financial report you are now viewing.

  1. Does Microsoft Edge still work once the Bing symbol is gone?

    No, deleting the Bing symbol has no effect on Microsoft Edge's general usability. It just conceals the linked Bing search option and the home button.

  2. I wish to remove the Bing symbol from Microsoft Edge for what reasons?

    Some people avoid using the home button or prefer a different search engine. The browser interface may be cleaned and individualized by removing the Bing symbol.

  3. Can I still use Bing as my search engine when the Bing symbol has been removed?

    The search engine remains active even if the Bing symbol is removed. Bing is still accessible manually; you may make it your default search engine in your browser's settings.

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