Best Voice Changer for Discord in 2024

Discord is one of the greatest gaming chat services readily accessible, and while there are several applications like Discord offered if you are a gamer, chances are you use Discord on a daily basis. Both voice and text chat are supported by Discord, and many users alter their voice when using the messaging app.

Some do it to protect their privacy, while others do it for fun. Whatever your motivations, there’s no doubt that it’s a useful tool to have in your arsenal. So, if you want to alter your voice while using Discord, here are the 10 greatest voice changer applications for Discord in 2024.

Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changers may be used in a variety of ways, depending on one’s personal preferences and ingenuity.

Gaming: To improve their gaming experience, several players use voice changers on Discord. During in-game talks, it enables individuals to assume various character voices or apply original effects to their speech. By altering their voice to fit the games or create a more immersive atmosphere, gamers may develop personalities, imitate characters, or just have fun.

Online Streaming and Content Creation: To add an extra element of interest to their videos and live streams, content producers, streamers, and YouTubers frequently use voice changers. By changing their voice to correspond to particular events or roles, voice changers enable people to provide distinctive voices for characters, hilarious voices, or original material.

Voice Changer for Discord
Voice Changer for Discord

Anonymity and Privacy: Voice changers can assist users in keeping their identity and privacy intact when talking on Discord. Individuals can disguise their true identity and make it more difficult for others to identify them by changing their voices. This can be helpful for those who wish to participate in online debates without disclosing their genuine identities or prefer to keep their personal information hidden.

Pranks and Humor: Voice changers are frequently utilized for pranks and comedy performances. Users may pull practical pranks on friends, imitate well-known people, or create hilarious scenarios by changing their voices into entertaining or obnoxious tones. Discord voice changers in social situations may be used to create laughter and enjoyment.

Role-playing: Discord role-playing communities frequently use voice changers. During role-playing sessions, they enable users to assume various character voices, mimic imaginary animals, or provide immersive experiences. Voice changers may improve immersion and give the role-playing experience more depth, whether it’s in a tabletop RPG, an online RPG, or a storytelling session.

How to Change in Discord using Voice Changer

Choosing a Voice Changer: Decide whatever hardware or software voice changer you want to use with Discord. Make sure it is appropriate for your computer or device.

Setting up and installing the voice changer: As directed by the manufacturer, install the voice changer software on the system or connect the hardware device. The setup wizard and any other instructions should be followed.

Configure Discord’s audio settings: Open Discord and select the gear icon in the bottom-left corner to access User Settings. Then, choose “Voice & Video” from the left sidebar. Select the microphone or audio device connected to your voice changer under the “Input Device” section. Ensure that the input volume is set properly.

Best Discord Voice Changer for Windows

These are only a few instances of Windows voice changer software that work effectively with Discord. To make sure it matches your unique needs, always check the compatibility and system requirements of any voice changer you are considering.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the popularity and accessibility of voice changer software might vary over time, so it’s always a good idea to be informed about the most recent choices offered.

MagicMic Discord Voice Changer

Are you hoping to give your Discord voice conversations a little bit of magic? MagicMic is the best voice changer for Discord, so look no further! Your Discord talks will reach a whole new level of inventiveness and enjoyment when you use MagicMic to change your voice in real time.

Use the wide range of voice effects and filters at your command to unleash your creativity and master hidden form. MagicMic can make you sound like a powerful dragon, an intelligent elf, a robot from the future, or even your favourite celebrity.


There are many other speech effects and filters available with Voicemod, a popular voice changer software. It connects perfectly with Discord and lets you alter your voice in the middle of voice conversations.

Voicemod supports both male and female voices as well as a variety of sound effects, and it features a user interface that is easy to use. It also enables you to create your own unique voices and offers an extensive library of voice templates.

AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is the ultimate tool for unleashing your creativity and adding a touch of magic to your voice chats. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, you have the ability to transform your voice in ways you’ve never imagined.

Modify your voice to sound like a deep-voiced villain, a cute and bubbly creature, or even a robotic entity from the future. The possibilities are boundless. You have access to a huge selection of speech effects and filters with AV Speech Changer.

Create your own voice by fine-tuning variables such as pitch, timbre, resonance, and more. Add dimension to your speech with background noise, ambient effects, or even a little echo.

Best Discord Voice Changer for Mac

Games players are big fans of Mac voice changer software. Here are the top voice changers for Mac that you may use with Discord.

MagicMic Discord Voice Changer Mac

On your Mac, MagicMic, an effective voice changer program, smoothly interacts with Discord. You may alter your voice in real-time during audio chats using a variety of vocal effects, filters, and presets that are offered by this program.

MagicMic provides the capabilities to enable you to sound like any character you can think of, whether you want to sound like a robotic being, a hero adventurer, a magical monster, or anything else. You have the option to perfectly hone your voice with MagicMic. Pitch, modulation, resonance, and other factors can be adjusted to create a distinctive vocal identity.

You may easily swap between various personalities or effects throughout your Discord talks by exploring the vast collection of voice presets or making your own.

MorphVOX Junior

You may alter your voice in real time with MorphVOX Junior thanks to its selection of voice effects and filters. MorphVOX Junior can help you sound like a robot, a deep-voiced monster, a squeaky cartoon figure, or even a child. You may entirely change your voice with a few clicks and shock your friends or other players.

The simplicity of MorphVOX Junior is one of its key features. Users of various skill levels may access the software since it is designed to be simple to use and intuitive. It has a simple user interface that makes it simple to choose and use voice effects right away.

Voice Changer Plus

During phone conversations or when recording audio, you may alter your voice with the Voice Changer Plus software, which is available for iOS devices. You may alter your voice in real time with Voice Changer Plus by applying a variety of effects and filters to produce unusual and enjoyable sounds.

The application provides a broad variety of voice effects, such as deep, high-pitched, robotic, and many more. Additionally, it offers background effects like echo or ambient noise to improve voice transformation. The effects’ strength may be simply changed to get the ideal balance for your intended voice alteration.

Voxal Voice Changer

For Windows and Mac, Voxal Voice Changer is a voice-changing program with many features. It is the perfect option for boosting your Discord voice conversations, gaming sessions, or content production since it enables you to change your voice in real time.

You may change your voice into a variety of personalities, beasts, or even non-human beings using Voxal Voice Changer. A broad variety of voice effects, including robotic, deep, echo, pitch-shifting, and many more, are available in the programme. Additionally, you may alter the parameters to make your own distinctive voice presets and quickly switch between them.

Best Free Voice Changer for Discord Online

The Best Free Online Voice Changer for Discord offers a wide range of voice effects and filters that you can apply to your voice with just a few clicks. Whether you want to sound like a robot, a monster or a cartoon character or even change your gender, this online voice changer has got you covered.


Users of all skill levels can use Voice since it is intended to be simple to use and intuitive. You can easily navigate through the different voice effects and settings due to the interface’s simplicity and sensuality.

Try out several voices, adjust the settings, and quickly hear a preview of your choices before implementing them in your voice chat.


You may alter your voice in real time with Voice’s extensive selection of voice-changing tools and effects. Voice provides the resources to transform your voice into any character you can think of, whether you want to sound like a robot, a famous person, an extraterrestrial, or anything else.

You don’t have to download or install any software to use Voice You may instantly access a variety of speech effects and filters by visiting the website. Because of the platform’s user-friendly design, even individuals unfamiliar with voice changing may utilize it with ease.


You can quickly alter your voice with MyVoiceMod with just a few clicks. You can easily navigate through the different voice effects and settings thanks to the user-friendly interface, allowing you to select the ideal mix that best matches your taste and preferences.

Please be aware that MyVoiceMod could provide a variety of functions, both free and paid. While the premium edition could provide advanced capabilities, a wider range of voice filters, and more customization choices, the free version only gives users access to a limited number of voice effects.

  1. Why would I use a Discord Voice Changer?

    Using a Discord voice changer may be a fun way to improve your online profile, interact with people, and add entertainment value to your voice chats. It may be especially fun for gaming, role-playing, content production, or simply surprising and entertaining your friends.

  2. Can I use a Discord Voice Changer Without installing any Software?

    Yes, there are online voice changers that allow you to alter your voice without downloading or installing any software. These online tools are accessible via a web browser and frequently include a variety of voice effects and customizing choices.

  3. Are Discord Voice Changers free?

    Many Discord voice changers include both free and paid versions. Free versions often offer a restricted collection of voice effects, but premium versions may have more advanced capabilities, a greater choice of voice options, and extra customizing possibilities.

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