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The Border Security Force (BSF) is an organization that safeguards India’s land borders and prevents border crimes. It was established on December 1st 1965, and functions as a force under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The BSF holds a position as one of India’s law enforcement agencies. It is recognized worldwide as a leading border-guarding force. The BSF issues a document called the “BSF Pay Slip” to its personnel, which provides a breakdown of their salary and allowances.

This includes officers, jawans (soldiers) and other staff members. The pay slip plays a role for BSF personnel as it assists in calculating their income tax liability, provident fund contributions and other financial obligations. To access their monthly pay slips conveniently, BSF personnel can utilize the self-service portal provided by the organization. They can view, download, and print their pay slips from the BSF portal.

The BSF Pay Slip provides information on an individual’s earnings or periodic salaries such as basic pay, dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and other allowances like transport allowance and medical allowance.

BSF Pay Slip 2024

The BSF Pay Slip serves as a document providing details regarding the financial compensation and allowances received by individuals who serve in the Border Security Force (BSF). As one of India’s forces entrusted with safeguarding the nation’s borders, this document plays a crucial role in helping BSF personnel effectively manage their financial matters. It ensures that they receive their salary, allowances, and various other organizational benefits.

BSF Salary Slip 2024
BSF Salary Slip 2024

BSF Salary Slip (Month-wise) Details

A monthly BSF salary payslip usually presents a breakdown of an individual’s earnings and deductions for a month. Although the format and specific details on the payslip may differ, here is a general summary of the information typically included on a month-wise BSF salary payslip:

  • In this section, you will find the employee’s information, such as their name, service number and contact details.
  • The payslip provides a breakdown of an employee’s salary and any additional benefits they received during the month. This can include:
  • Base Salary: This refers to the salary that is paid to the employee.
  • Daily Allowance (DA): It is an allowance provided to compensate for the increasing cost of living. The amount is calculated as a percentage of the base salary.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): This allowance is given to cover housing expenses. It can vary depending on the location where the employee is posted.
  • Transport Allowance: An allowance provided to cover commuting costs.
  • Medical Allowance: If applicable, this allowance may cover expenses.
  • Special Allowances: These are allowances that may be given based on factors such as rank posting location or other considerations.
  • The payslip provides information about the deductions made from your earnings. These deductions may include:
  • Income Tax: This is the amount of tax that is deducted directly from your income.
  • Provident Fund (PF) Contributions: This represents the portion of your salary that goes towards your fund.
  • Other Deductions: Any deductions that are specific to you, such as loan repayments or other financial commitments.
  • The net salary mentioned on the payslip is what you receive after subtracting all these deductions from your earnings.

Brief Summary of BSF Payslip

The BSF Pay Slip holds importance as it offers details regarding the financial compensation and allowances given to the dedicated personnel serving in the Border Security Force (BSF). As one of India’s forces responsible for safeguarding the nation’s borders, this document plays a crucial role in enabling BSF personnel to effectively track and handle their financial matters. It ensures that they receive their salary, allowances and other benefits in a well-organized manner.

How Can I Download My BSF Monthly Salary Slip?

To obtain your salary slip from the Border Security Force (BSF), you can follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the BSF website at
  2. Enter your login information to access the website.
  3. After you log in, simply select the “CSC Connect” option.
  4. To access the CSC Connect page simply select the “Employee Login” option.
  5. Please input your employee identification number along with your password. Then, proceed by clicking on the “Login” button.
  6. After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll need to locate and select the “Salary Slip” option.
  7. Please choose the month and year for which you would like to retrieve your salary slip.
  8. Please click the “Download” button to get your salary slip in PDF format.
  9. Please be aware that the ability to access your salary slip is exclusively reserved for individuals who are officially employed by BSF and have completed the registration process on our website. If you haven’t registered as an employee, kindly complete the registration before attempting to download your salary slip.

How do you reset the login password at the BSF Portal?

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you need to reset your login password for the BSF (Border Security Force) portal. In that case, the usual course of action is to adhere to the organisation’s password reset procedure. Below, I have listed some steps that you can follow:

  1. First, you can begin by visiting the Border Security Force website, usually found at
  2. Try to locate the section on the website where you can either log in or access the employee portal.
  3. On the login page, you will typically find an option labelled “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password.” Simply click on that option.
  4. Chances are you may be asked to provide details to confirm your identity. These details would typically include your employee ID, email address or other personal information.
  5. Once you’ve provided the details, the system will go ahead. Verify your identity.
  6. If the provided information is correct you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password or instructions on how to proceed with resetting it. Please check your registered email account for this message.
  7. Please open the email. Proceed with the instructions given to reset your password. This will require you to click on a link, enter a password and confirm the changes.
  8. After you have successfully reset your password go back, to the login page of the BSF portal. Use your set password to sign in to your account.

BSF Payslip App Download

To download an official “PRAHARI app”, you should check the Google Play Store for Android devices. Currently, the PRAHARi App is available only in the Google Play Store and not available in the Apple APP store for iOS users.

Make sure you’re downloading the legitimate app to ensure your security and privacy. Avoid using third-party apps as they may pose risks. For accurate information visit the website of the Border Security Force ( or directly contact the BSF authorities for guidance, on accessing your payslip through their official digital services.

Border Security Force (BSF) Salary Chart

The following table shows the Border Security Force (BSF) salary chart, as per the 7th Pay Commission:

RankBasic Pay (₹)Grade Pay (₹)Total Pay (₹)
Constable21,700 – 69,100200023,700 – 71,100
Head Constable25,500 – 81,100240027,900 – 83,500
Assistant Sub-Inspector35,400 – 1,12,400460039,900 – 1,17,000
Sub-Inspector44,900 – 1,42,400480049,700 – 1,47,200
Inspector47,600 – 1,51,100540053,000 – 1,56,500
Assistant Commandant62,000 – 2,02,200660068,600 – 2,08,800
Deputy Commandant70,000 – 2,18,200760077,600 – 2,25,800
Commandant78,000 – 2,37,100870086,700 – 2,45,800
Deputy Inspector General92,500 – 2,76,900100001,02,500 – 2,86,900
Inspector General1,12,500 – 3,62,40011,8001,24,300 – 3,74,200
Director General1,30,000 – 4,00,00013,0001,43,000 – 4,13,000
Border Security Force (BSF) Salary Chart

Besides the salary and grade pay, BSF personnel receive allowances, including Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance and Border Area Allowance. The specific amount of these allowances depends on the rank of the personnel and their place of assignment.

Benefits of the BSF Login website

The online login page of BSF provides benefits to the personnel associated with BSF, which includes:

  • Convenience: Members of the BSF have the ability to access their account details and carry out a range of tasks, including reviewing their payslips, making updates to their information and requesting time off from any location with an internet connection.
  • Transparency: The online platform offers BSF personnel a comprehensive overview of their account details, such as their salary, allowances and remaining leave balance.
  • Efficiency: The online platform helps minimize the necessity for BSF personnel to physically go to their office for duties, resulting in time savings and enhanced effectiveness.
  • Accuracy: The online platform helps to minimize the chances of mistakes, in handling guaranteeing that BSF personnel receive prompt updates regarding their accounts.
  • Security: The online portal ensures the security of information belonging to BSF personnel through the use of encryption technologies.

BSF Payslip – Helpline Number

FORCE HQ: DIRECTORATE GENERAL BORDER SECURITY FORCE, Block 10, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003. Tel: 011-24368925/24368926, Mail ID:

You can reach the helpline for the BSF portal at +919986638753. They are available round the clock to help BSF personnel with any problems they might encounter on the portal.

What is a BSF Pay Slip?

A BSF Pay Slip is a document that contains details about the remuneration and additional benefits given to individuals serving in the Border Security Force (BSF).

How can I access my BSF Pay Slip?

You can typically access your BSF Pay Slip through the official BSF portal or website. You’ll need to log in with your credentials to view and download your payslip.

Can I access my past BSF Pay Slips?

Yes, you should be able to access and download past payslips for reference and record-keeping through the BSF portal.

What information is included on a BSF Pay Slip?

A typical BSF Pay Slip contains information including the pay, dearness allowance (DA) house rent allowance (HRA) additional allowances, deductions, like income tax and PF contributions, as well, as personal details.

How often are BSF Pay Slips generated?

Pay slips, from BSF, are typically generated on a basis giving a breakdown of earnings and deductions for each month.

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