Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download at

Arunachal Pradesh is in the northeastern part of India. It has many government employees who work to run Arunachal Pradesh. These employees get their pay from the Arunachal Pradesh government and the Department of Finance, Planning, and Investment. Keeping their salary records in order is very important. To make this process easier, the government has created a website named, where employees can download their pay slips for the year 2024.

Kosh Arunachal Pradesh

The Kosh Arunachal Pradesh website lets Arunachal Pradesh government employees check their salary details, including their earnings, allowances, and any reduction from their pay. It is a simple and transparent way to access important information about their earnings.

IFMS Arunachal Pradesh

An Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) is an IT-based financial management system that helps governments and organizations hold their money. It takes care of budget-making, monitoring income and expenses, and making payments.

Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024
Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024

This IFMS system simplifies governments and other groups to plan their budgets and create financial reports. Transparent IFMS puts all the important money management tools into one software package to make things easier.

TreasuryNet Arunachal Pradesh

TreasuryNET is a web-based tool that helps manage all the tasks and transactions in a Treasury office. It is like an online system that follows a step-by-step process. Information starts at the basic stage and goes up to the higher level, where the Treasury Officer has different responsibilities for handling the data.

The TreasuryNet’s main motive for this tool is to computerize and speed up the Treasury’s tasks by moving data from the Treasury office to the Directorate level. This helps the government keep an eye on the state’s financial situation at the central office. TreasuryNET also keeps track of the money that each department or office gets and spends. It helps control the budget effectively at the Treasury level.

How to Get Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024 Offline

To take your Arunachal Pradesh employee pay slip 2024 offline, You can get your salary and financial details without an internet connection. This traditional approach involves a visit to your workplace or department, where the administrative staff will provide you with a physical copy of your pay slip.

  1. Go to the place where you work, like your office.
  2. Ask the people in charge, like the office manager or HR staff, for your pay slip for 2024.
  3. Give your personal information or work details to make sure it is you.
  4. After they have checked everything, they will give you a printed copy of your pay slip for 2024.

Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download Online

A pay slip is like a monthly money statement your boss gives you. It shows how much you get paid for your work and other work-related details. The company’s finance or HR teams might send this slip by email or put it on a special website. If it is in an email, you just open it with a password.

But if it is on a website, you need to do a few things to see and save your salary slip. You can do this by going to the company’s special website or using their payroll software. Here are the detailed steps to getting your salary slip.

  1. Visit the Arunachal Pradesh Government’s official website at or
  2. Click on the “Services” tab.
  3. From the menu that drops down, pick “Employee Pay Slip”.
  4. Enter your employee ID and password.
  5. Click on the “Login” button.
  6. Your pay slip will appear on the screen.
  7. Click on the “Download” button to download your pay slip.
  8. Save your pay slip on your computer.

How to Get Arunachal Pradesh Employee Salary Slip 2024 at DDO Office

This method allows government employees in Arunachal Pradesh to easily obtain their salary details for the specified year by following a few simple steps at their workplace.

  1. Purchase a salary certificate form for your department from a nearby bookstore.
  2. Take the blank salary slip to your workplace.
  3. Ask the person in charge of bills to fill in your salary details for a specific month.
  4. The bill-in-charge can use the pay bill register to complete the salary slip.
  5. Review your salary and personal information on the slip for accuracy.
  6. Meet your Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) and have the salary slip signed and stamped.
  7. Your Arunachal Pradesh employee salary slip is now ready for your use.

What is the purpose of the Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip Portal?

The Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip Portal has been created with the aim of assisting government employees in accessing and downloading their pay slips for the year 2024. Information regarding your income, allowances, and deductions

How can I access the Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip for 2024 portal at

In this portal, you should navigate to the website and then log in using your unique employee ID and corresponding password. The pay slip can be found in the appropriate section on the website.

Can I download my pay slip for multiple months or just for a specific month in 2024?

Typically, you can download pay slips for particular months in the year 2024. The portal usually allows you to specify the month for which you intend to view or download your pay slip.

Is the pay slip download service available 24/7, or are there specific hours of operation?

The service is generally accessible around the clock, 24/7, enabling you to download your pay slip at your convenience.

Can I request a printed or physical copy of my pay slip if needed?

In certain circumstances, it may be possible for you to request a physical copy of your pay slip by reaching out to your Human Resources (HR) or administrative department.

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