Best Free Online IQ Tests in 2024

There are several websites that provide you the option to test your IQ for free if you’re interested in finding out how high it is. The majority of online IQ tests produce a number representing your IQ score and take no longer than 30 minutes.

This figure is determined by how many questions you successfully answered; certain websites may additionally consider your age and gender. The kid’s age and gender are the final two inquiries. It is crucial to provide answers to these questions since they are crucial in determining the child’s IQ.

Once finished, your child’s score and results will be given, along with a note about whether or not the youngster needs support (if any).

IQ Test

An IQ test often involves taking many tests that assess intelligence, including those that assess spatial perception, short-term memory, mathematical prowess, and analytical reasoning. The IQ exam, which is sometimes mistaken as a measure of all the knowledge you have learned over the years, is actually a test of your ability to learn.

Since its origins in the early 20th century, the IQ test as we know it today has advanced significantly. They continue to assess different aspects of a person’s IQ rather than whatever they may have learned in the past, which is both their goal and their technique. 

Free Online IQ Tests
Free Online IQ Tests


The Best IQ Test is Menasa, the Mensa IQ Challenge Test is an official IQ test provided by Mensa, the high IQ organization. The official Mensa IQ exam, however, is not offered without charge. It is a standardized test that Mensa administers that costs money to take. They also provide a 15-minute online workout that offers you a general idea of how well you’d fare on the actual exam if you’re not sure you’re prepared for the real thing. 

Brain Metrix

There are 20 multiple-choice questions on this Brain Metrix IQ exam, which is free. Because it just takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete, your kids won’t feel pressured. But before you begin, you must make sure they are at ease and composed.

When your child is finished, just press the “submit” button, and the website will provide your child’s score and a breakdown of it. It should be noted that this test does not assess true IQ; so, if your child has a low score, it does not imply that they are intellectually deficient. Instead, it gauges the comprehension level of your kids right now.


The IQ exam from Memorado is uncluttered and straightforward. Since the questions are not too challenging for children but are also not irrelevantly simple, we heartily suggest them for them. The website is incredibly simple to use, so your kids will have no trouble utilizing it.

As a “gym for the brain,” the website offers more than simply examinations and quizzes. You may also play games and use training tools to help you reach your intelligence objectives. This is an excellent website to visit if you want to sharpen your mental faculties and those of your children.

123 Test

Two IQ test options are provided by 123 Test. The “Classical Intelligence Test” is the other. The first is called the “Culture Fair Intelligence Test.” The Culture Fair is certified, although the Classical is not, and this is the fundamental distinction between the two. Similar to how Classical is best suited for native English speakers whereas Culture Fair is particularly created for non-native speakers.

Both examinations are free for your children to take. After that, they will be asked to specify their gender, age, nation, and degree of education. For the system to compute and analyze the scores, certain specifics are necessary. The answers to all of the test’s questions, together with the results, will be shown after submission.

Anyone interested in taking an IS exam should visit The website provides a variety of tests that are intended to provide a thorough understanding of each person’s IS potential. These exams include questions on reasoning, problem-solving, spatial perception, and other subjects.

Utilizing the most recent advancements in assessment technology, users may see their results immediately after finishing their exams. Additionally, the website offers useful tools like articles with IS advice and global IQ score rankings. In conclusion, is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to accurately and stress-free test their IS.

See My Personality

For individuals who are interested in learning more about their personalities, the “What is My Personality” IS exam is an excellent online resource. The online exam is supposed to provide participants with an accurate and enlightening view of themselves, enabling them to reach their full potential.

This IS test was created utilizing scientific methods to ensure that its results offer an accurate perception of a person’s personality characteristics and inclinations. You may learn how your IQ score has changed throughout your adult life by taking this IS exam, which may help you better understand who you are.

IQ Test Prep

IQ Test Prep offers two free IQ tests: a lengthy 15-question test with a 35-minute time limit and a condensed 25-question test with a 6-minute time limit. These two IQ tests use multiple-choice questions.

On the second exam, there isn’t a back button, so be mindful of how quickly you respond, especially because you can choose not to answer if you don’t want to.

You may compare your result to the average at the conclusion of either test; for instance, it can state the Average score: 52.3%. 75% is your score. The option to view the questions’ responses is also available.

Genius Tests

Two free IQ tests are available from Genius Tests: a comprehensive exam with 50 questions and a 12-minute time limit, and a brief test with 25 questions and a 6-minute time limit.

The majority of these questions need you to input a value into a text box rather than offering several choices.

In the event that you accidentally touched “Submit,” this test does not allow you to go back and amend your response.

You’ll receive your test results after taking it, along with your cognitive percentile. You are in the 80th percentile, for instance, based on your score.

For additional information, including the exam answers and thorough justifications, you may purchase your results. Paying for a subscription, which also includes more IQ tests, is another option to acquire your IQ results.

Fun Education

An excellent website for taking IQ tests online is Fun Education. They assert that passing their exam will result in a Ph.D. certification.

The website offers two exam types: one for adults and one for children under the age of 17.

This IQ exam, while mostly verbal, also includes some spatial IQ questions. These IQ tests concentrate on verbal reasoning.

You may decide if you’re interested in taking these exams based on your personality. Verbal tests are seen differently by different people. For some, they are simpler.

IQ Exam

The IQ Exam is the following, and it has 25 questions. Like many other IQ tests, this one gives users precisely 60 seconds to respond to each question. You are also not allowed to use calculators, pens, or pencils while completing the exam.

This exam is created by Virginia Tech University, and for residents of Virginia, the platform may also send the test results to your house. You should be aware, though, that these exams serve just your own satisfaction and are not needed anyplace. So you may try taking this exam if you’re interested.


The IQ test offered by Testomerika is designed exclusively for kids between the ages of 7 and 16. There are 36 questions total, with the main emphasis being on mental acuity and abstract reasoning. Children must determine what the next image should be after being given a sequence of images organized in a certain way.

The kid’s age and gender are the final two inquiries. It is crucial to provide answers to these questions since they are crucial in determining the child’s IQ. Once finished, your child’s score and results will be given, along with a note about whether or not the youngster needs support (if any).

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