BSNL ERP, Employee Self Services or HRMS Access at

BSNL ERP is a secure system which allows a unique employee to access their own page and get to look into their (BSNK ESS) employee self-services. The Pay slip on Employee ERP BSNL page is available since 2016 and thus this gives every employee good scope to check their emoluments since long.


BSNL employees can get their Pay Slip or Pay / Leave / APAR / career information anywhere by just using this BSNL ERP portal from your device with a connection to the internet.


Employee self-service (ESS) in human resource management systems (HRMS) refers to a set of web-based tools that allow employees to perform a variety of HR-related tasks on their own, such as updating personal information, checking pay slips, and requesting time off.

BSNL Pay Slip

ERP BSNL can improve efficiency for both employees and HR staff by reducing the need for manual processes and allowing employees to access BSNL Pay Slips and other information and complete tasks at their convenience.  Additionally, it can also increase employee engagement and satisfaction by giving them more control over their HR related information.

BSNL ERP provides various HRMS facilities online for their employee, allowing the portal access on the internet with different following facilities

ERP BSNL Portal Services

  • IPMS.
  • Personal Information.
  • Pay Information along with Salary Slip.
  • Leave.
  • Employee Claim.
  • Travel and Expenses.
  • APAR.
  • Staff Quarter Allotment.
  • Online Transfer Application.

Every employee can access ERP BSNL regularly to download BSNL salary slip every month or anytime as per requirement and also about to apply for leave on urgency, and apart from that every employee can access the other options like IPMS, Claims, APAR, Online Transfer application, increment, payroll of the employee, career history and other accordingly as and when required.

It is necessary that BSNL employees should have their registered mobile number and email address to receive the OTP, which is for verification for login. This service is to reduce their walk-through office for every small issue and get them to resolve it quickly online.

Here the portal comes with reset options when you face difficulty due to incorrect passwords, as many employees do use this BSNL ERP ESS Page to check their pay slips once a month. There are no issues, in such cases, Just use the password reset option to get the new password generated for the BSNL ERP portal at

Those who have access to the ERP BSNL Employee page are struggling to log in due to a password error. Use the given process and reset your password online.

How to Reset BSNL ERP Portal Password Online

  1. Visit the official portal at
  2. Click on the Reset Here option.
  3. Enter your HR Number and email address.
  4. Click Submit, then Open your email and check the mail for a new password.
  5. Browse the BSNL ERP Portal and log in with the newly set password
  6. Provide a new password twice and click on Submit

Just now in seconds, Your new password for the BSNL ERP Portal page is now reset and you can use the login to access your BSNL ESS Login page.

  1. Is Employee mobile number mandatory to access BSNL ERP?

    If an employee has lost the mobile number registered, then they need to get their new replacement SIM card immediately to get the OTP which only allows access to the ERP BSNL page. If employees want to change their registered mobile number means, please approach the concerned HR or incharge.

  2. Can we use employee ID as a password for BSNL ERP Login?

    No, the portal won’t be accepting the same characters as a password to be used. As well using any known number or characters will make your account less authenticated. Thus it is advised to use a strong password, as the BSNL ERP Portal page does manage all your employee account details.

  3. Is it mandatory to change passwords regularly?

    BSNL ERP page allows the existing password for only 30 days and may allow login only after changing the password to a new one, which excusably for the employees of BSNL to experience the employee self-services with the secured account.

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