How to Make Reddit Suck Less on the Phone

Reddit is a social media site based in America that aggregates, rates, and discusses content. It has a unique language that only regular users understand, including words, symbols, and jokes.

A few months ago, Reddit stopped many third-party apps from working with their platform, which upset many users. When using Reddit on a mobile device, it can be sluggish, has issues sending messages, and frequently asks if you want to receive notifications.

Users who liked using other apps to browse Reddit were trying to avoid these problems and drawbacks. You often see annoying messages telling you to get the Reddit app, and they use up a lot of your screen space.

Now, let’s discuss how to stop these pop-ups on Apple devices, and after that, we will talk about some other apps, including one still available on Android. However, you can make Reddit more enjoyable on your phone by using strategies that help unlock its potential while avoiding it.

Make Reddit Suck Less on the Phone
Make Reddit Suck Less on the Phone

How to Stop These Annoying Pop-ups to Make Reddit Suck Less on Your iPhone

To improve the Reddit web, use “Sink It for Reddit” for Safari. Which stops those pop-up messages asking you to get the mobile app. It also does cool stuff like making the screen dark, coloring comments, making links open in new tabs, and letting you upvote by tapping twice, as shown below:

  1. Install the “Sink It” for Reddit App from the App Store at
  2. Go to your iPhone’s settings. Select, open Safari, and tap “Safari Extensions,” Where you can turn on Sink It.
  3. Now, use Reddit in your web browser as usual, and those annoying messages will be stopped.
  4. You will also get some new features, like a dark mode that adjusts to your surroundings.

How Reddit Apps Still Work on Android and iPhones

It isn’t easy to use extensions in Android browsers. You could use Firefox, but you cannot find any special extensions to make Reddit better on mobile. So many Reddit apps for Android phones and iPhones still work. As mentioned below:

RedReader Android Reddit App

  • Some unique Reddit apps still work because they have features for people who need extra help using the app.
  • One is the “RedReader” Android Reddit App at, which is free.
  • Reddit lets it stay free because it helps people who need accessibility features.
  • This app is fast, open for anyone to see how it works and does not show ads or notifications.

Dystopia for Reddit IOS Reddit App

  • Dystopia for Reddit is used as a third-party app on Apple devices.
  • To install “Dystopia” for Reddit,
  • It is still working and free because it helps people who need accessibility features.
  • It is pretty simple, but it does the job and is less annoying than the official Reddit app.

Another option is to download all your Reddit data and quit Reddit altogether. We recommend people stop third-party apps because they do not work better.

How can I stop these prompts from Reddit that keep asking me to install the mobile app?

You can use a Safari extension called “Sink It” to block these prompts. It improves the web version of Reddit and removes those annoying messages.

What are the other features that “Sink It” offers?

“Sink It” features like adaptive dark mode, color-coded comments, links opening in new tabs, and double-tap to upvote. It’s completely free.

Are there any third-party Reddit apps for Apple users?

Yes, Apple users can try “Dystopia for Reddit.” It is an alternative to the official Reddit app and is free due to an accessibility exception.

Why does Reddit suck on my phone?

There are a few reasons why Reddit can suck on the phone. One reason is that the official Reddit app can be loaded slowly. It has a small screen that is difficult to see. Additionally, Reddit is addictive, and you can spend hours of time scrolling.

How can I make Reddit suck less on my phone?

You can do a few things to make Reddit suck less on your phone. Use a third-party Reddit app instead of the official app, change your Reddit settings, and be mindful of how much time you spend on Reddit.

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