How to Lock/Unlock Best Buy Credit Card

With Best Buy Credit Card Lock or Unlock feature, you can quickly secure your transactions. By managing your Best Buy transaction settings, you can activate or deactivate ATM withdrawals, merchant outlets, online purchases, and tap and pay for domestic or international transactions.

Locking and unlocking a Best Buy Credit Card refers to a security feature that allows cardholders to control the usability of their credit card temporarily. By accessing their online account or using the official Best Buy mobile app, cardholders can initiate the lock or unlock process easily. When a cardholder chooses to lock their Best Buy Credit Card, it prevents any new transactions from being made using the card.

This action can be particularly useful if the card is misplaced or stolen, as it adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized use. Locking the card gives the cardholder peace of mind while they locate their card or resolve any security concerns. The ability to lock and unlock the credit card is a convenient and proactive way for Best Buy customers to safeguard their financial interests. It allows them to maintain better control over their credit card account, making it an attractive feature for those concerned about security.

Best Buy Credit Card Lock

Credit card lock typically refers to the ability to temporarily or permanently block or freeze certain transactions on your credit card. Credit card issuers and financial institutions often offer this feature as a security measure to protect against unauthorized use of your card. When you lock your credit card, it prevents transactions from being made until you unlock it again.

Some common reasons why people may use credit card locks include:

  • Misplaced or Lost Card: If you can’t find your credit card and suspect it might be lost or stolen, you can lock it temporarily to prevent any unauthorized transactions while you look for it or request a replacement.
  • Suspicious Activity: If you notice any suspicious transactions or believe your card information has been compromised, you can lock your card to prevent further unauthorized charges.
  • Traveling: Some people use credit card locks as an additional security measure while traveling. They might unlock it when they need to make a purchase and then lock it again afterward.
  • Controlling Spending: Some credit card users use the lock feature to control their spending or prevent impulse purchases.
Best Buy Credit Card Lock
Best Buy Credit Card Lock

How to Lock Best Buy Credit Card

To lock your Best Buy credit card, you can do so by logging into either the Best Buy or credit card issuer’s online banking account through their website or mobile app. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Best Buy Credit Card or the Issuers Mobile Banking App or Online Banking Portal at
  2. Login into the Credit Card Account and Go to the Card Section.
  3. Select the ‘Manage Card‘ option and choose Transaction Settings.
  4. There are multiple transaction settings displayed to allow or disallow.
  5. Now you can manage card transactions by services such as ATM Withdrawal, Marchent Outlet, Online, and Tap and Pay for Domestic or International.
  • The steps outlined above are generally applicable, and many banks and credit card issuers offer similar settings for managing transactions.
  • Best Buy Credit Card holders who have used Citi Visa or Other issuers cards can also have simpler to lock or unlock their card transactions.
  • Please note that all cardholders have the option to utilize the facility to protect their Best Buy Credit Card.

How to Unlock Best Buy Credit Card

To unlock your Best Buy Credit Card, you usually need to follow these steps by logging into your online or mobile banking account.

  1. Login into your Best Buy Credit Card account using an online portal or mobile app.
  2. Please go to the Cards section and select the specific card that you want to unlock.
  3. To manage your card, select the “Manage Card” option and then choose the “Transaction Settings” tab.
  4. You now have the option to unlock a specific transaction type to gain access to the facility.

Locking or Unlocking is a simpler process. You can follow the steps to activate or deactivate a transaction service to secure your Best Buy Credit Card quickly.

Please note that users can activate the facility at least 10 minutes prior to making transactions. This is because the online banking services require some time to update their servers. After the update is complete, users will be allowed to make transactions.

Benefits by Block and Unblock Best Buys Credit Card

Blocking and unblocking a Best Buy Credit Card can offer several benefits:

Benefits of Blocking Best Buy Credit Cards:

  • Fraud Prevention: If you suspect unauthorized or suspicious activity on your credit card, blocking it can prevent any further unauthorized transactions.
  • Security: Blocking your card adds an extra layer of security in case your physical card is lost or stolen. This helps protect you from potential financial loss.
  • Peace of Mind: By blocking your card when not in use, you can have peace of mind knowing that it cannot be used for any transactions until you unblock it.
  • Control: Blocking your credit card allows you to have better control over its usage, especially if you want to limit spending or prevent accidental charges.

Benefits of Unblocking Best Buy Credit Card

Immediate Use: Once you unblock your credit card, it becomes immediately available for use again, making it convenient for your regular purchases.

Hassle-Free Transactions: Unblocking your card ensures smooth and uninterrupted transactions, whether in-store or online.

No Need for a New Card: Unlike reporting a lost or stolen card, unblocking your existing card saves you from the hassle of waiting for a new card to arrive in the mail.

Flexibility: By unblocking your card, you can regain the flexibility of using it whenever you need it while still having the option to block it again if required.

To learn more and to block or unblock your Best Buy® Credit Card, please call 18885741301 or the number on the back of your card.

  1. How can I lock my Best Buy Credit Card?

    You can typically lock your Best Buy Credit Card through your online account or mobile app. Log in to your account, navigate to the credit card settings, and look for an option to lock your card. Some issuers may also provide a dedicated phone number to lock your card.

  2. What happens when I lock my credit card?

    Once your Best Buy Credit Card is locked, any attempted transactions will be declined. However, pre-authorized payments, such as subscriptions, may still go through until they are updated with your new card information.

  3. Can I still make payments on my credit card when it’s locked?

    Yes, you can continue to make payments on your Best Buy Credit Card even when it’s locked. The lock feature only prevents new transactions.

  4. How do I unlock my Best Buy Credit Card?

    To unlock your Best Buy Credit Card, log in to your online account or mobile app, go to the credit card settings, and look for an option to unlock the card. Alternatively, you can call the customer service number on the back of your card for assistance with unlocking.

  5. Is there a waiting period before my card is unlocked?

    Unlocking your Best Buy Credit Card is usually instantaneous. Once you initiate the unlock process, the card should become available for use immediately.

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