What Things to Consider While Buying a Bike

While buying a bike of any brand there is many factors to be considered before it. You will have to spend few years or sometimes a decade with the same vehicle so, being cunning at your buy is advised. You will be driving it all day long. Jumping from one end to other and taking long journeys.
So, if you’re not good at the buy, then you will have to face serious problems. A motor cycle or a bike needs to be paid more than 50 k rupees .So, if it goes wrong, then you will be in huge losses. So, this is very important to note what you buy. We will now discussion what factors do we need to focus while buying a bike. Potentially will target some of the major factors.

Brand plays a crucial role, like Hero and Honda are both kings of Indian two wheeler industries. Most people like to buy those brand bikes, but Bajaj made significant increase over its sales after releasing Pulsar series.
Best Motorcycle Brand in Indian market
1. Hero
2. Honda
3. Yamaha
4. Bajaj
5. TVS
Brand on top: Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS.

An average bike have around 120-150 cc but new generation vehicles are having more equal to 180 cc or more. CC defines the capacity of the bike, so choose one with best CC.

Automatic System
New bikes come with automatic system like Power start which easily starts your bike in seconds with no effort to kick start your bike.

Engine & Horse Power
Engine is the heart of a bike. The well engine performs, the well a bike drives. SO, horse power should be more than 500 or something near to 350 .If you choose something less than it, it may role you down.

Price Range
If you’re a teenager and willing to buy sports kind of bike then you must have a budget of 150 k rupees. Normally a bike ranges about 50k – -100k rupees. I prefer Honda and Hero whose range is quite less than 80 – 90k rupees.

Best Bikes in Market to choose
1. Pulsar 220 – Bajaj
2. F Zee – Yamaha
3. Bullet – Royal Enfield
4. Splendor plus – Hero
5. R15 (New model) – Yamaha
6. Duke
7. Honda Shine – Honda

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