What Is Kontent Re writer and How to Use it

Kontent Re writer is content re writing software which is used to spin articles or re write the total content of an original article. It is free version software but can also be upgraded to premium version. Its tag line is “The easiest Super- Spun article creator”. Yes, it can create article or spin any article within no time. So, I would like to make you understand how this software works.

Register For Kontent Re writer
Kontent rewrite is easy to spin articles software. You just need to register to activate your accounts free copy. When you download the software, you need to start with, Then enter you email address. A verification link will be send to your email. Then click on that and verify you email for using content rewrite.
After verifying, start your software free copy by using your email.

How to rewrite articles?
Open you software and then make sure you have one document or text file to rewrite and remember where its location is. After opening it .Click on import/export file and locate the file you want to rewrite.

You can choose to write the article through or just few paragraphs. Before rewriting you must make sure the number of phrases and brakes to be made in the rewired article. After getting the correct rewrite article. You can also add some paragraphs or add text in middle. Then after completing everything, Click on save to save the rewrite document.
Here are some of the queries of Kontent rewrite.

How many articles, can I spin?
You can rewrite or spin unlimited number of articles on your free version software. So, it is a good option to rewrite.

Is it copy space passed?
It depends on how you rewrite your article. Only grammatical words are changed and the phrases to be changed also determine the originality of the article.

Will Google accept my Spanned article?
Yes, if copy space accepts this article as a original one. Then, for sure Google will accept your article

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