What is Asthma and Its Cure?

Asthma is a common disease popularly seen in people of old ages which can be explained as shortness of breathing. It is also a common disease in India. It is a chronic disease suffered by thousands of people in India and Millions in the whole world. The passage of airways obstructed or closed to flow through Lungs is called Asthma.

International News
In 2011,300 Million people were diagnosed with asthma in whole world. It has caused 2,50,000 deaths till now.
Who suffer from Asthma?
Commonly people aging between 25+ suffer this chronic disease. But now days, this disease is also seen in young children’s.

What are they called?
People who suffer from asthma are called as asthmatic people or asthmatic patients. Which means they suffer from the chronic disease called asthma!

What are the symptoms of Asthma?
Shortness of breathing is the common symptom of Asthmatic people. Wheezing, Chest Tithing and continuous coughing are also cause of Asthma.

Why it is caused?
It is caused due o intermixing of non genetic and human particles. More precisely, Unhealthy conditions are the main course of asthma. Asthma is caused due to different factors, numerating them can be possible but explain each of them won’t be so easy, because there are many causes of it. But we will be discussing few of reasons why this chronic disease has entered India. Before some years, this disease was nowhere seen in India. It is said that, rapid pollution has increased the immunity of this disease.

Let’s discuss the factors through which it is caused.
Pollution: Or world was green and bright everyday but industrialization increase the rate of pollution and gradually it lead to the chronic disease called asthma.

Unhygienic conditions: Humans need to be in hygienic conditions, Not only asthma is caused due o unhygienic conditions but many other harmful diseases also occur. So, being hygienic and maintain sanitation is necessary. Cleaning if houses etc. are to be maintained.

Medicine: Taking not prescribes or takes more quantity of medicines in from of tablets and liquids are also dangerous.

Cure of Asthma
The best way to cure asthma is to go for lung diagnosis or asthma diagnosis. It ultimately helps a human being recover from the disease. Many house hold remedies are also their fro it but they do not cure the disease but only halts it.

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