What is Anemia and How to Cure It

Anemia is defined as decrease in the red blood cells or less than the normal count. And anemia leads hypoxia, hypoxia means insufficient blood supply it the tissues. Anemia is the most common disorder of the blood there are three main classes of the anemia hemorrhage, hydrolysis, hematologist.

These are three main causes of the anemia which can be generally expected.
Most commonly people suffering from anemia can notice weakness, fatigue, dyspepsia (shortness of breath), palpitation and angina. In severe anemia people may suffer from tachycardia, hyper dynamic circulation, enlargement and may be heart failure. Chronic anemia may result in behavioral disturbance, restlessness and iron deficiency syndrome.

The common symptoms of anemia are eyes yellowing, skin becomes pale ,cloudy and yellow, shortness of breath, muscular weakness, change in stool colour, daziness ,fainting, low blood pressure, palpitation ,rapid heart rate, chest pain , angina, enlargement of spleen Coming to diagnosis anemia can be diagnosed by blood count, automatic counters and flow cytometry, blood smear using a microscope.

Normal hemoglobin (blood) level is:
Adult male:13.2to17.2gm/dl
Adult female:12.1to15.1gm/dl
Pregnant woman:11to 12g/dl

generally anemia can be caused by the deficiency of vitB12,CHRONIC LEAD POISING.
Anemia can be prevented by : Anemia can be prevented by adding iron to your diet, taking iron rich food like red meat and leafy vegetables and by adding vitamin c in your diet like pepper papaya, strawberry, pineapple and mango like foods. Deficiency of folic acid can also leads to anemia and folic acid can be seen in citrus food like orange and lemon, banana is also a good supplement

If your anemia is severe you can go for the treatment like:
Blood transfusion
Blood and marrow stem cell transformation
And surgery
Blood transfusion can be done by: a blood transfusion is a commonest method in which blood is given through the intravenous route(iv)

Blood and marrow stem cell transplantation can be done by replacing your damaged blood cells by a healthy blood cells. Anemia can be treated by maintaining our diet healthy and talking a healthy and vitamin rich food as we mentioned above. So we all know prevention is better than cure it is better to cure before it goes to a critical situation. hen no need of surgeries

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