What are Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird Effects?

Today we will discuss about the most important things about Google algorithm Updates. Google Algorithm which is now familiar to all bloggers and entrepreneurs was launched few years ago. Now a day’s all web browsers, web masters are aware of these Google effects. Google launched these effects to improve our search results and make life of internet users easy. By this we can find more relevant and useful content we need.

What are Penguin, Panda, and Humming Bird are algorithm based effects launched by Google co operation few years back. These effects were introduced to improve our search engine results to make Google results familiar, more qualifying for everyone to view.
Now let’s discuss about them in deep.
1. Google Panda

Google launched Panda effects in November; 2011.It was brought into effect because of enormous increase of copying from other website. Precisely, some foul website owners started copying content from original website and due to this there was effect in the Google ranking (Search engine ranking) of website. So , to provide justice to original content website. Google had to launch this algorithm effect.
As we all know content is king, we must always use our own content and write it in effective way and should never copy others content.

2. Google Penguin

Many website owners or Web masters later in 2012 started using black hat techniques and may other foul errors to increase their website ranking. So, there results increased enormously. Not only black hat, but some also started using software, bots to their positive results but which started violating Google guidelines. Building back links, over optimization are the primary tricks used by bloggers and web masters.
So, after launch of this effect. Many websites, BlogSpot’s were effected due over optimization. So never try to get back links and over optimization. Don’t bother about Google search engine ranking, after consistent –posting and good work you will find a good place.

3. Humming Bird

Humming Bird another search engine algorithm used by Google for better search engine results. This algorithm effect was launched on Google 15 birthday. It was launched on September 27, 2013.It was released by Google with a aim to provide better and the best search engine results to users.
It depends up on your SEO strategy. To improve your ranking, Keyword should be used in an effective manner.
1. Still Content is King
2. Black Hat and SEO is worth nothing
3. Legal back links is good for business but paid back links might not work
4. Keyword optimization and its placement is to be understood.

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