Ways to Build Your Facebook Page

Facebook allows it’s users to make free Facebook Fan pages or Facebook Pages. So, Facebook Pages have become popular and a big part of Facebook industry, the biggest social media sites in the world. You can create different kinds of Facebook Pages using different kinds of categories available.

So firstly you need to create up a Facebook page and name it as you wish. Then after publishing your Page, you need to look at many other points to increase its likes and talking in a tremendously manner. Facebook recently developed it new algorithmic update to reduce spam. More likely SPAM Pages even reduced. Celebrity Pages and Brand pages were mostly benefited after this update.

1. Choose a Category

You need to choose which kind of Facebook Page you are going to make and according select the category. You can create a page for local business like Casino, Bar, Restaurant or Brand, Company, Organization, Intuitions .Apart from these if you are a Political guy or Famous singer you can create a separate category. For cause or communities, you can create a Facebook Page.

Note: Verified Facebook Pages have Blue checked mark after their Facebook Page name.
Facebook used this update due to increase in Facebook Fan pages created by millions of fans.

2. Be attractive

A Facebook fan page requires a Cover photo and a profile photo which should be unique from others.
Hiring a designer to design attractive Pictures for your Facebook ages will be a good idea.

3. Post regularly

Hell yeah! Posting regularly is necessary. Find what your Facebook Fan page is about and they start posting articles tips etc about it.

4. Post photos, videos and Trivia’s

Make your Facebook fan page more good and engaging y posting healthy pictures and videos on it. Most people get attracted by pictures and videos posted on a page. Ask weekly trivia to your fans, so that they get engaged in your world.

5. Answer them

Your fans would be commenting on your posts and PM. So, if your answer them regularly and keep engaged. They will be always talking about your page. You’re talking also increases.

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