Useful APPS of Government of India

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Now a days the usage of technology is increasing in every individual, the government is also facing a problem of delays in works of government and also the citizens are asking for another way, by keeping these problems in remember government is coming with its own mobile apps, it is bringing apps based on more important works which are getting more delayed into people, so learn about these apps and use it in daily life.

My Gov APP

Bringing people or getting people involved in the governance of country, getting ideas of people, their opinions and tips of people on rules is the main aim of the app, these opinions and tips will be sent directly to appropriate central ministries or the appropriate offices under it, people can directly get involved in making of laws.

Narendra Modi app

This app is directly related to prime minister Narendra Modi where we can get updates and mail from Prime Minister’s office, by downloading this app we can get latest news and updates from prime minister’s office, we can hear manki bath speeches, can make badges by doing useful works, can read modi ideas and his blogs too, can learn about own governance in India, and works going on to keep India on top.

IRCTC connect

Can book the Railway tickets very easily, the features of the app are one click login, rail information, cancelation of booked tickets, no tickets booked can be known, traveling alerts and the registration is also easy.


This app is by foreign affairs ministry and every details about the office is uploaded in this, group interaction and user interface is very common to use and easy.

M Passport Service

This app is also developed by Foreign Affairs Ministry, this is for applications of passport and status notification through mobile app, the features are passport status, nearby passport office, with thesehelp to apply for applying passport will also be there.

RTI India

This is useful direct involvement in information rights, the features of the app are direct access to RTI India website, Direct information through message, photos and videos can be uploaded, can participate in making new rules, can read blogs and stories, can study RTI officials profiles.


This app is imbibed with excellent features which provides information about the local tourist guides and tour operators, the app is designed not only for citizens of India but also for the tourists all over the world. This also helps in providing information about nearby tourist destinations within the reach of the user.


This app is also called protection or security app that protect the women or elderly persons who are in emergency, by just a single click on the app one can provide their information to friends and family or other relatives within the reach. The user can made a voice call through the app by feeding an emergency number.


Citizens of India can use this app to know whether the name is placed in voter list released by the election commission, voters will be informed about the nearest polling booths,  information will be provided by brief messages, MMS received are charged


The application is introduced for getting doctors appointments and it can be accessed by online adhar, hospital management information system (HMIS) is connected to app and by this out patient registration and by taking aadhar E-KYC details and books the out patient registers,and mobile number is to be given if mobile number is not there then it will registers with the person name.


Exporters and importers making trades internationally and can easily search for the documents in the format we want, the features of the app are can track registration status, export and import charges,tax charges can be known, this is purely of electronic format, this app was developed under Gagandeep who worked as DGFT officer in Indian Trade Service 2011.

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