Use of Technology in the Game of Cricket

Cricket is a gentle man which has developed a lot this decade. Cricket was played with no technology at first. Use of technology in the game of cricket was very limited and confined to certain grounds. In the past, the Boards of any country who had much money used lots of new technology but those with less revenue left for sports category did nothing but to wait.
But now, you can see the way technology is used in the game of cricket. Inspired by all sports cricket all started using various inventions to make the gaming experience better. Firstly use of inventions like camera brought people into buzzing and how they can rely on reviews of camera.
Now, we will be discussing which inventions are being used and what changes did they brought.

Camera was being used in the early period of 19 century. Not just video cameras which can record a highlight but many different types of camera were used. But later half of the century the use of spider camera and special zoom cameras were started. A number of 34 broad casting camera are also used in some matches.
Types of camera being used in cricket
Spider camera

Spider camera is a camera which can move from one end of stadium to the other end using ropes stretched in all ways. It also comes very near to the batsman to cover all kinds of shots played a batsman.
Hotspot Camera

Hotspot camera is a special type of camera which catches even slight movement or click made between bat and bowl. It is usually used for a third empire referred decision.
Hawk Eye or Eagle Eye

This camera is a slow motion camera used by many sports. It traces the path of the bowl and many other features.
Speed Gauge

Speed gauge is a speed calculating machine which is used generally for calculating the speed of a cricket bowl bowled.
Stadium screens or televisions

You can see big TV screen or monitors being used in the stadium. These are very big screens which are 10 times the size of a normal 32 inch screen. They help or broadcast all the highlights or decisions give by a third empire.
Glowing stumps and Bails

The idea of glowing stumps was started in the Big Bash league 2013.Later, the idea was that such attractive and it was giving more precise run outs or stumping. Later, they were also used in ICC T20 world cup.

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