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UP Bhulekh Khashra Khatauni Verification Online, Check Uttar Pradesh (UP) Land Records Online, UP Bhulekh Khashra Khatauni Online Check at http://upbhulekh.gov.in…

The Uttar Pradesh Government introduced some online services in the year 2016 may-2. These services such as Bhulekh are introduced by Board of Revenue Department Uttar Pradesh. The term Bhulekh in Uttar Pradesh is a very popular land record in India, the Bhulekh is not only popular in Uttar Pradesh and also in Odisha and MP and etc.,

Uttar Pradesh Board of Revenue Department are Providing the Online Certificate Verification, candidates who interested to check or verify Bhulekh land records at official website of http://upbhulekh.gov.in/, the verification Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh is generally a digital Portal, to check Uttar Pradesh UP Bhulekh ,Khasra ,Khatoni Verification through online visit Bhulekh official web portal.

Online Verification of Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni in Uttar Pradesh:

In UP Bhulekh official website, candidates can download information in digital format, there are three online services to check UP BhulekhKhasraKhatauni there are –

  1. Online Verification.
  2. Online Measles KhatauniCopy.
  3. Rooftop Map.

Check UP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni in Uttar Pradesh

The Process of Checking of Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni in Uttar Pradesh in brief process, first go through the official website of Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh then select the fourth option from the top of the page, after selecting that option a popup window will blink up asking enter the captcha for security purpose, enter the captcha with necessary details and then the popup window will closed and redirected to a page containing small form, then Fill that small form with necessary details, then proceed to next step,

A page will be opened then select appropriate tab and fill the tab with necessary information to to check Uttar Pradesh (up) land records online, then proceed to next step to verify UP land records online, After doing all the above step put tick mark on checkbox and proceed to next step  for further step.

  • Open http://upbhulekh.gov.in/ URL in your favorite browser, after opening the given link the home page of Bhulekh will be opened.
  • After opening home page, select the fourth option underlined in below picture to verify UP bhulekh online
  • After selection of fourth option, a pop up window will open, asking enter the captcha code, enter the captcha correctly and proceed for next step, to complete verify UP BhulekhKhasraKhatauni, the pop up window is just like as below picture.
  • After entering captcha code, the popup window will closed and redirected to a page containing small form.
  • Fill that small form with necessary details such as district, tehsil and your state as shown in the picture to go next step of verifying up land records online.
  • After that small form, proceed to next step, the page will reloaded automatically and show a page consists of three blocks as shown in the below picture.
  • After the above step, fill that three blocks of forms with necesssary information such as ID number or name and etc, tocheck uttar pradesh (up) land records online.
  • After doing all the above step put tick mark on checkbox and procced to next step for further step.

That’s it after proceeding through check box and submit button you will be redirected to apage containg your bhulekh details then take a print out of it for further purpose.

Employment Fair in Uttar Pradesh in the Year 2018 and Verification:

This process is to confirm or verify replication of landmark in Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh, you can verify or confirm fair in Uttar Pradesh in 2018, and they are

  1. Through Online.
  2. Through Offline.

UP Bhulekh Verification through Online:

First, visit or open ‘http://www.up.nic.in’ URL, after opening the given URL or link a page will be redirected to home page of Uttar Pradesh Government online services.After opening home page, a form will be opened by selecting suitable option thenfill or enter the number issued by the Tehsil center to verify UP land records. Fill the form with necessary information, after filling all the information proceed to next step by selecting submit button to check UP bhulekh land records online, After all above steps, a page will be opened showing verified copy of land record, Then take a pint out of it for further use, That’s ‘it follow the above steps to verify Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni.

UP Bhulekh Verification through Offline:

Verifying and ascertaining Uttar Pradesh UP Bhulekh is a time taking process, to verify UP Bhulekh land report, first visit your neared by Lobby Center or Public Facilitation Center and then talk to them to verify UP bhulekh and they will give a form and fill it with necessary details and give it to them. That’s it UP Bhulekh is verification is completed.

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