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The United States Internet Service Providers Association has announced the list of ISP’s in the Country with Top Internet Providers list at USISPA portal, Check Complete Internet Services Profile with DATA Plans, Coverage City’s along with Official websites…

Here we have shared the information based on the Ookla Speedtest.net Global index and United States Internet Service Providers Association

?Average Internet Bandwidth of United States by Speedtest.net at April 2020

By Mobile Service Providers on April 2020 Reports (?)

Rank ?Download ⏬Upload ⏫Latency / Ping
3342.70 Mbps9.36 Mbps46 ms
United States Mobile Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest)

By Fixed Broadband Service Providers on April 2020 Reports (?)

Rank ?Download⏬Upload⏫Latency / Ping
11132.60 Mbps47.70 Mbps28 ms
United States Fixed Broadband Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest) for DSL & FTTH (Fiber)

Average Internet speed on Previous Records

Download Speed ⏬Upload Speed ⏫
87.60 Mb/s28.53Mb/s
Average Broadband Speed of the Country

?List of Internet Service Providers in United States by USISPA

According to the United States Internet Service Providers Association, the following is a list of ISP’s with Internet Plan Details are published from the table.

?Name of the ISP?Speed Test
Armstrong Zoom Check Speed
Atlantic BroadbandCheck Speed
Atlas NetworksCheck Speed
B2X Online – VACheck Speed
Bernard Telephone CoCheck Speed
Cincinnati BellCheck Speed
FrampolCheck Speed
ComelecCheck Speed
ComTecCloudCheck Speed
CS Technologies, Inc.Check Speed
Exede InternetCheck Speed
Google FiberCheck Speed
Greenlight NetworksCheck Speed
Honest NetworksCheck Speed
Hotwire CommunicationsCheck Speed
HughesNetCheck Speed
US ISPA ISP & Data Plans with Internet Speed Test

?Top 10 ISP’s of the Country

  1. AT&T Wireless
  2. Frontier Communications
  3. CenturyLink
  4. Verizon Wireless
  5. AT&T U-verse
  6. Spectrum
  7. Time Warner Cable
  8. Comcast Cable
  9. Cox Communications
  10. Verizon FiOS

?Internet Users Statistics for United States

(2020 Est.)
% Pop.
of Table

(% Population)
Users %
of Table
329,093,11089.8 %292,892,86889.0 %89.4 %240,000,000
United States Internet Usage Statics

?Top Internet Usage City’s of the Country

  1. Austin
  2. Boston
  3. Charlotte
  4. Chicago
  5. Dallas
  6. Denver
  7. Eugene
  8. Houston
  9. Indianapolis
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Milwaukee
  12. Minneapolis
  13. New York
  14. Philadelphia
  15. Phoenix
  16. Portland
  17. San Antonio
  18. San Jose
  19. Seattle
  20. Washington

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