Top websites to watch

Every year websites strategies changes from top to bottom, but when we come to top websites like Google. We need to sure, what and which websites have been performing good this year. So, hats the profit of watching these websites. The big profit is you learn from them. You doing just learn how to Google but you learn how a search engine works and while your search for video, you come to know what kind of a site is YouTube or daily motion.
From our social career to real life, we will be dealing with many social media sites and we must make sure which sites to re collect and make use of. If you’re not aware which websites would make you happy, then that website is not worth it. So, here is a list of top website which you should count and we also give reason why to watch these Websites.

1. Google
The biggest search engine in the world is Google. Google provides quality service obey billion internet users online. No one can forget how worthy Google is. It has new updates which makes our search results much relevant and much better for precise use. You will not be dealing with lots of junk stuff now.

  • New search feed update
  • Better and relevant results

2. Facebook
Facebook is being considered as one of the biggest social media network ever. Mark zuckerberg became one of the youngest billionaire and was titled as times person of the year also. Connecting over billions of people over the world. YouTube has marked its 10th birthday now.

  • Same updates as of Google to give users better feeds.
  • Reduced spammy links and post

3. YouTube
YouTube is a Google product which is the largest Video search engine or largest video community now. But Google is forcing new users to join Google plus to reach YouTube now. That’s really a bad part. YouTube will be making its second music awards soon, I guess. Its first award was awesome and received tons of views.

  • Urges to join Google plus to join YouTube
  • Still one of the best video search engine

I will mark these three websites the most entertaining and most useful for new generation.

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