Top Ten SEO Tips

SEO is commonly referred as Search engine optimization. It is a way of optimization of a website, so that a search engine easily recognizes and indexes all its pages giving it a good rank .SEO has become more importune t for all web masters and website owners. Every website owner and web master prefers to have good rank for their website but it is much difficult task to do. So we will be teaching few SEO tips for 2022 which will surely help you overcome your website ranking.

There is also a proverb that “No SEO means, No visitors” .This is quite true.
So here are few tips that would definitely help you out.
1. ON and off site SEO
On site SEO and off site SEO both are fundamentally required for a website. You cannot achieve good success, if you work only with one.
2. No Same strategy
If a website uses a SEO strategy, it is not sure that you will also get success using the same strategy. Sometimes you will also receive loss.
3. Engaging Content
The content you write must be engaging and your visitors should be engaged in reading it.
As we always say “Content is king”
4. over Budget
You don’t need to be over budget in building SEO strategies. No SEO strategy is expensive, remember this.
5. New website, So be calm
If you have started a new website/blog. Then don’t be in too much hurry.SEO takes times and as well your website to perform well in search engine eyes. So, being consistent in writing content and wait for some time.
6. Beat your competitors
Find your website niche and your competitors in business and then follow their strategies and methods. Try over coming those using better tricks and strategies and beat them.
7. SEO isn’t quick
If you have done SEO on your website today .You won’t be receiving instant success or ranking.SEO takes time, it may take months together sometimes.
8. Take Google help
Why not take help from Google .Yes hey will help you. You can ask doubts/queries in Webmaster tools / Guidelines and Webmaster Videos.
9. Social Media
Social Media is a free SEO strategy used by billions of users. Submit every post of your Blog to Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Pro bloggers have said that social media has a great impact on SEO ranking.
10. Keyword everywhere
A. Buy a domain which has your niche keyword in it.
B. Pt your niche keyword in post url.

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