Top Movie Gadgets that Should have been Real

Movies have made tremendous change in the category of entertainment. They have been in the business since the late 17’s and still find new ways to entertain us. They have became one part of our social life and can never be removed or taken off from our souls. As we all know this is the generation of technology and use of science fiction has also become popular in movies.
Watching the latest faction being used in movies is so awesome and joy full also. So the gadgets and the new technology which is used in movies have made significant impact on viewers throughout the world. So, what if few of the best Gadgets in movies become real?

So let’s watch which of the few gadgets should have been real in our life.
1. Iron Man Suit

The whole world wants to know whether our scientist can make one suit like Iron Man. Which can fly? Shoot different kinds of bullets at single moment targeting numerable people. It will be so awesome and interesting to watch a flying armored man. Every child now wants to be a iron man and feel it.
2. Star trek Light Saber

The saga of star trek still continues with its ultimate weapon used by villains and heroes in the series called light saber. A sword which emits light and causes good amount of damage.
3. Neuralyzer – M en In Black Series

Men In Black series which is still one of the best spy movies ever made n the world. Neuralyzer is a gadget which removes past history or event seen by strangers. You can watch one of it in the movie. It is used frequently.
4. Hover Board

Hover Board is seen in the second part of” Back to the Future”. A movie which takes place in late; 80.When a teenager goes back to future. The hover Board is considered to be a flying board which can be controlled by our mind.
5. Pasiv Dream machineb

Inception movie is based on pasiv Dream machine I which a group of people goes into someone dreams to know some information and know what is going to happen. Leonardo De Capri is the hero of the movie.

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