Top MBA colleges In India

MBA is the abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. It is one of the well known course in India. Most of the students in Indian aspire to become a mba and pursue good qualified jobs. MBA is full of resource full studies for every individual to learn and later makes you perfect to earn from your own.
MBA has become very popular in India, since few years.MBA education can be pursued after completing your graduation which literally mean completing your intermediate + 4 years. So, every student might be wondering which the best mba colleges in Inda are and why to choose them. SO, here I am with the list of some of the best MBA colleges in India which are perfect for future studies and would strengthen your future pillar for sure.

Note: The list of best 5 mba colleges are listed on their academic performance and student placements only and are voted up the list by online polls.
1. Indian Institute Of Management (Ahmedabad)
Indian Institute Of management which is located in Ahmedabad. It is also known as IIM Ahmedabad.It charges a minimum of 15, 00,000 as their principal charges for PGP course.It is a pioneer of mba education.
2. Indian Institute Of Management (Calcutta)
Indian Institute Of Management is located in most parts of India but Calcutta is the second best MBA College in India because of its diverse education system and qualified facility.It has PGDM course and charges a minimum of 13 lakhs. It is situated in Kolkata.
3. Indian Institute Of Management (Bangalore)
Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. As a well reputed college circle it is ranked number three on our list. It charges fees of 15 lakhs for educational courses.
4.Xavier Labour Relations Institute
Xavier Labour Relations Institute is located in Jamshedpure,India.It is also known as XLRI college. It has BM course. It charges 12 lakhs for educational courses it offers with wider range of facilities like sports, housing and infrastructure etc. The faculty is very well trained.
5. Indian Institute Of Foreign trade
Indian Institute Of Foreign trade is located in delhi/ncr area It is a well know MBA college in all over Delhi and as well in India. It is also known as IIFR.It offers MBA(Ib) course with a minimum fees of 12 lakhs.
Good and professionally trained faculty helps students to overcome their problems and lead their way to success in MBA course.

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