Top 5 Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

Earning from online is a complicated task. Sometimes you need to work hard and all day long to earn even a penny. Creating a website and adding content rich material to it don’t just bring you enough money. You need to mange how you engage your visitors and care for them. SO, you will have enough and good earnings.

In this post we will be discussing 5 of the best ad sense revenue sharing websites. Which share your amount of revue which you earn through their classified system? You might get a question, that why a website would share its revue with you. My answer is if you provide your quality rich content to them and bring them required profits, they will absolutely share your earned revenue from their income.

How can I earn from these websites, do I require any qualifications.
You don’t require more than a website and thinking ability to earn from these wbesites.Idea which can boost your visitors will have greater impact and can earn more.

1. Blogger
Yeah blogger is the world’s best way to earn money without spending even a penny. You just need to create a BlogSpot of your own with a custom sub domain and then start writing good content on your blog. Then you can apply for ad sense and if your blog is approved for adsense you can earn from adsense easily.

2. Youtube
Another Google product which shares its revue with users is YouTube. YouTube is the world’s best video search engine and second best adsense revue sharing website all way. After creating a YouTube account, you can apply for adsense and then get started with adsense on your videos. You need to monetize your videos with ads to start earning.

3. Flixya
Flixya is the world’s third best adsense revenue sharing website. It is actually a social networking website where you can sign up for free and start earnings by sharing videos, picture and articles of your own and you get paid according o the visitor engagement.

4. Hub Pages
Hub Pages is similar to blogger. At Hub Pages you can create web pages of your own with your free account and add content, picture or video to it. You will paid according to their revue sharing system. Hub Pages is really good to earn if you have quality content all way long.

5. Web answers
This is really a good website. Here, you just need to sign up with your email and confirm it later. Later, you need to answer and question in their forums and earn when your answer qualify for justified earnings through their system. You need to provide your payment details like bank or PayPal to get paid.

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