Top 3 Google Inventions That Can Change the World

Google has been the world’s best online network firm. It has successfully become one of the power full search engine and online network in the world. Google has been developing new things which can help human empowerment and empowerment of humans. It has made many inventions in various fields for our world development .
I will be discussing three such inventions by Google that has the ability to change the world and ill surely change our living into modern.

Google glasses
Google has invited a new kind of Glasses which are alike human prototype glasses. Google glasses are not normal glasses you use daily. They are special glasses which can be your networking life, Weather and other activities together. Glasses are really slim looking and have not been launched into the local markets as well online. DO you want to know what would be the cost for buying a Google glass? It might cost nearly $400 and would decrease later. This idea was proposed 4-5 years back and is still under development.
Google Fiber
You might have recently heard about the new invention of Google which is none other than Google Fiber .Google fiber is a internet broadband connection which is 100 times better than a normal broadband connection. Google has launched it in Kansas City and will slowly extend its connection all over America. Google fiber is still under development and has a speed of 100 Gigabytes which is really faster.
Google Self Driving Car
Google recently launched its new concept car which is a prototype car. This car is n not normal because, it is not driver operated. This car is a driver less car which is controlled by the system of car itself. It can reach a speed of 25mph and 40kmph.It looks like a small car which has autopilot mode in it.
Not only these inventions of Google are useful but many other are untold in this post. ogle is doing a excellent job inventing new and modern inventions for a bettor human future.

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