Tips for Caring for Foot’s

Human body is very delicate and every part associated with it should be given extra care. Skin which cover all over the body is prone to diseases easily. Foot the bottom most part of your human body, where all the body weight is imparted is also delicate. Human foot is really soft with no hard type of tissue at its bottom.

So, it can be easily affected by any cut. Skin of foot also starts loosing due to intense heat or more water absorbing. So, we must make sure our human foot is safe and secure all the way. It must not get affected y ay diseases or cuts. If it gets any cuts, it might become severe and harder for us to walk on.

1. Wear Slippers inside and outside of home
Most of the people belonging to India, wear slippers outside their homes only. They do not wear any kind of footwear inside their homes. But I want to make sure; you should give them softness, which can be given by a home slipper. You can find any home slippers or kind of slippers which can be wearied I homes at any mega store.

2. Wear Socks
Socks should be wearied in most times of the day. I advise people working outside in hard areas, to wear them all day long and also change them at regular intervals. Every couple of socks should be cleaned daily. They must be water washed and dried in sun to remove bad smell and moisture from your foot.

3. Cut your toe Nails
Your toe nails grow longer and after most people do not care for their toe nails. But toe nails should be cut at regular times but not too often. If nails grow too long, they become harder and you might get in pain, while cutting them off.

4. Wash your feet daily
Washing your feet is necessary .You can wash your feet with soup? Many foot cleaning soups and cleaners are available in the market. They are perfectly made for human foot.

5. Pedicure
Applying pedicure is really awesome and everyone should go for a pedicure. Mostly ladies prefer pedicure. But men’s do not like it much, as they live harder. But Men’s should also get pedicure.

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