The Apps You Never Knew Of

The apps you never knew off that would help you. Here we are going to discuss a bunch of apps that you never knew, that they even existed and were so useful. So we will be reviewing 5 apps that are really useful and interesting but we don’t know of them till now.

1. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a all new Smartphone Viewer. If you’re bored of your Smartphone old launcher and its tidy looks, then you need to install this launcher. Its way cools than any other launcher. Due to its unique interfere .You may feel using a different device. It has more than 2 lakh new design created by a number of users and if you don’t like any of them. Just create one you like. Not just editing its looks, but you can also make a widget of your own.
2. Tasker

Tasker by its name suggest that it’s a task taking application for modern day Smartphone .If you want to make your device yells loudly, make a appointment or just do remembering. So here is tasker which can do your entire job easily. What features does it provide? It can adjust your device volume, ring by small triggers and can also adjust time and date.

Wikitude is a entire new browser. It shows you the beauty of the around world through your Smartphone camera. It allows you o interact with your surroundings. Find your nearby locations like restraints, Bars, Hotels. Just make your social replies. It also comes with a bunch of unique AR Games. You can also find Wikipedia articles related to something.
4.Cam Dictionary

CamDictionary is a life saving widget. Jokes apart, this device would turn your life good. Even when you can’t speak or understand a particular language, this Application will do the job for you. It’s simple to use. It translates the worlds it sees through you app camera in real time conditions, so you need not to worry to take a clear image of that particular word or anything. It supports 36 languages .It can convert into any all language and can be used in any part of the world.

FoxFi is a modern application which can make full use of your entire plan and doesn’t allow you to pay more. It can also covert your device into a mobile hotspot, so you and people around you can enjoy internet usage. This Application just needs simple installing but doesn’t need to root your device. So, this app is a good one to choose.

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