T-Mobiles LG G3 Photographs Leaked

LG’s next flagship device was set to release soon but unexpectedly many photographs of Lit were leaked today’s mobiles which wasn’t sure to make any announcement about its flagship device might be hopping now due to many leaked photographs. The number of pics leaked today was almost around 15 and might be fever. Many of the pictures were leaked online by this evening.

Who leaked those pictures?
The pictures of LG G3 were leaked by two of our friends who are doing this job forma long time. Its TMO news and Eve leaks who released those pictures worldwide on twitter. What were understood from the leaked pictures was that its model number was LG-D851.

It could be sued wild without any cases as they shown in the leaked pictures. We also came to know the features and specification of the device from pictures. Let’s discuss those features and specifications.

Laser auto focus features – G3 rear button setup, the black button next to rear camera of the device is said to have the auto focus feature which is called as laser auto focus features due to its better auto focusing feature. The button will enable the feature. It has quad HD screen resolution.
So, let’s discuss about its software
When we talk about the software of the device .It is relay good in specs. We come to know that it has OS which runs on skinned version of v.4.2.2. Yeah it still runs on Jelly bean with a skin version.
Wi-Fi calling service – It is built in with WIFI calling service. It is T mobiles atleast feature while enables calling through Wi-Fi. You must enable your Wi-Fi to use WI- FI calling service.
When will it be released?
LG G3 was set to be officially released on 27 May. Due to some reasons mobiles would launch it in mid June or so. We would be expecting this device to be released soon in our markets.

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