Simple tips for weight loss

Simple ways to reduce your weight….
Having a little bit to weight makes you look fat and even adorable sometimes. You may feel retarded having a little weight added up. You may have problems with it for sometime but your body continues with the same. You may look fat and clumsy .Having more weight brings many problems together.

Your old shirts may not fit you or your pants go tight on you. Then you will be facing severe problems. Gosh! It really annoys someone’s if his/her clothes do not fit them. So, why do you let our fat make fun of you in front of your friends and family. Don’t you want to be normal again with the same old body with no weight added? You may want to lose some weight, actually to look better than now. So, Let’s get know to some ways though which you can reduce your weight.
1. Set a Goal
Know the weight of your body. Go and check your weight first, then note it down. Think what amount of weight you want to lose. Then, set a goal of losing certain amount of weight from your body.
Ex. Joe weighs about 120 kilograms,. Then Joe would set a goal of minimum 30-50 Kilograms to lose.
2. Adjust our dining plate
Yes, you plate is what I mean. You must adjust your plat also. Chose a small plate to eat meals, lunch and dinner. Do not go for big plates because big plates have much more capacity to eat. You must resist yourself.
3. Food proportion in your plate
Mix of vegetables, cereals, grains and leaf proteins.
Mixed proportion of all things, helps your body weight to adjust and limit itself.
4. Eat/ Drink soup
Soup is really good thing which can maintain a human body. Many kinds of soups are available in the market, you may choose one. I prefer vegetables soups only.
5. Eat snacks full of proteins
Snacks should consist of proper proteins and nutritious diet.
6. Click your photos and know the change
After some days or weeks, click your photo. Then compare it with your old picture. You may feel a bit difference.

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