Shaladarpan Staff Window

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As we are aware that education is the basic requirement of every child to stand in society as without education there is no value of anybody. Taking care of every child’s education & upliftment of the country as a whole, the Rajasthan government has taken some very important steps in this direction. One of them is the establishment of an online education portal Shaladarpan. It came into existence in June 2015. 

This Shaladarpan is considered as the boon for parents & is extremely easy to use. The portal helped to bridge a gap between teachers, parents & students. By using this web portal one can easily search all the information regarding teachers, students, staff & education department, In the Shaladarpan website, you can see 2 windows: – 

1) Citizen window: – It is for citizens who want to see the progress of their child & other activities by following certain steps..

2) Staff Window: – It is for the Staff. In this article, we will discuss the staff window in detail. 

The staff window is dedicated to all the Staff members of school. The users can check their profile after successful registration on this web portal. The staff window will show following headlines which we will discuss one by one: – 

1. Know School NIC-SD ID 

2. Know staff details. 

3. Register for staff login. 

4. Transfer schedule. 

5. Leave & Attendance. 

6. Transfer Orders 

7. Seniority list Instructions 

8. Apply Award Application 

1) Know school NIC-SD ID: – 

Every school which has been affiliated to Shaladarpan web portal is given a practical NIC-SD ID. It can be obtained by selecting a district & then by entering at least 4 characters in the school search option. After entering the captcha in the space provided, click on the go button, the School ID will be displayed on the screen 

2)  Know staff Details: – 

Every staff member of the school is assigned a NIC-SD ID which can be obtained by entering the NIC-SD ID of school in the space provided. Don’t forget to retype the captcha correctly and then click on ‘Go tab.  

3) Register for stuff login: – 

The first time registration for staff can be done by following below listed steps The staff member needs to enter his particular staff NIC SD ID.  Enter the name which has been in the records of Shaladarpan webportal Write your correct date of birth & mobile number which has been written & registered with Shaladarpan earlier. Enter the captcha in space provided After filling all the information correctly, enter the Submit tab. Now you will be registered with Shaladarpan. The user name & password will be sent to your registered mobile number which you can have for further login process. 

4) Transfer Schedule

The staff members can view the transfer schedule by login the web portal. The transfer schedule will have the following headings – schedule title, post, start & end date.

5) Leave & Attendance: – 

The staff members can use staff login to apply for leaves. They can also Check the status of leave by simply clicking on the status. The status of the leave application can be shown as processed, rejected, amended or pending 

6) Transfer Order: –

The staff members can login their Shaladarpan account by entering the relevant username & password & can know the transfer order status. The member can know the transfer order either by searching the post or by order date. The staff member needs to select the post in the dropdown & click on “Show” tab

7) Seniority list Instruction: – 

The staff members list is made on the basis of the Seniority. 

8) Apply award application: –

The staff members can also apply for award by entering school management, teacher level i e. PTI, special teacher etc, post i.e. Coach, PET 1, 2, 3 grade, name, date of birth, mobile number, email id, NIC-SD ID of staff member, district name & address of school. After filling all the fields enter the submit button.

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