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Shaladarpan is the most dynamic database management webportal which has been established by Rajasthan government for the upgradation of education in Rajasthan in the present era of Information technology In this webportal, all the information about govt., govt. aided schools & other education offices are available online as well as are kept updated. Not only the information but also the live data is available with primary & secondary schools students academic staff, now academic staff & schools.

Here, in this article, we will discuss Shaladarpan school search in detail. As we open the web portal i.e., we get 2 windows i.e. Citizen window & staff windows we have to click on Citizen Window. By clicking on the citizen window, we will see the following headings: – 1) School Search

2) School Report

3) Student Report

4) Staff Report

Let us discuss the 1st point i.e. “school search” in an elaborated way. As we click on school search, a window will be opened up asking for NIC-SD ID/Pin code. As we enter the particular NIC-SD-2D. that School’s entire information will be visible on the screen of our computer.

We can also search the school by following headings.

1) Elementary / Secondary schools.

2) Stream / Subject wise schools..

3) Vocational Trade in schools.

4) PEED Schools.

5) Model schools.

6) Mahatma Gandhi (English Medium) Schools.

7) Under Adarsh Scheme/ Under Utkristh schools.

8) Sanskrit Schools.

9) Hostel / Residential schools

10) Schools with Computer lab..

11) Schools with playgrounds.

12) Vacancy of school.

Let us discuss all the above in detail one by one: –

1) Elementary / Secondary Schools: – 1st we can have to click on elementary / Secondary School, 2 options will be shown in front of us i.e. search by District / Block or by Pincode. After that enter the captcha shown in the space provided & then click on search options.

2) Subject / Stream wise schools: – After selecting the Block / District or Pincode the individuals needs to search the stream such as Science, Commerce, Arts, Agriculture (science) or Vocational & then enter the case sensitive Captcha in the space provided & click on “search” button.

3) Vocational trade in school: – Same as that of above 2 the candidate needs to Select the district / pincode & then choose the vocational trade in the dropdown such as Automobile / Automotive, Healthcare, IT & ITes, Beauty & wellness, Retail & Electrical & Electronics, Micro irrigation, Plumber, Telecom etc. Choose your selected trade & enter the captcha.

4) Modal Schools: – In this Search you will have to select on “All” options or select by “Pin Code” option & click on search to get the desired result.

5) Under Adarsh Scheme/ Under Utkrishth scheme Schools: – As the candidate has selected his desired district, now you need to select which scheme you are looking for Adarsh / Utkrihth which needs to be selected & then select Search option to get the desired result.

6) Hotel Residential Schools: – The citizen should choose the desired district & then select among the Residential / hostel options & click on the “Search” option to get the required result.

7) Schools with playground / Schools with Computer lab / Sanskrit Schools: – To get the desired school, the applicant needs to enter the district in which he is seeking the school with particular facility & then click on the search option to get the desired school.

(8) Vacancy in School: -The applicant can also know the vacancy in the schools which are registered with Shaladarpan. The candidate needs to select the District / Block & then select the post for which he is interested in the drop-down such as Principal, headmaster, lecturer, Coach, Senior teacher, PET 1,2,3 grade, vishesh shishak etc.

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