Shaladarpan Internship

To uplift the standard of education in Rajasthan, the Rajasthan government has launched an online Web portal named as Shaladarpan. It has created a huge difference in terms of education since its establishment in 2015. The gap between the teachers, Students & parents has almost vanished. The parents can easily keep an eye on their child’s progress & attendance simply by visiting this website. The official site for this web portal is www. 

After the completion of the respective course, the candidates can also apply for their internship program while sitting at home through an online process. Let us discuss the various steps which are involved for the application of internship: –

Step 1: – 1st of all the candidate needs to do Institute login under Shaladarpan web portal. In case the candidate has already registered himself, he can click on Internship request under candidate tab. 

In case the candidate has not registered himself earlier he can click on candidate registration under the candidate tab.

Once the candidate registration tab is clicked, a window will be opened on screen in which the candidate has to select the “admission session” & then click on the “add student” button.. 

When the applicant clicks on the add student a window will be opened asking for various details such as name, date of birth, mobile number etc. Fill all the details correctly & push the “submit” button. After this the candidate will be registered successfully. The candidate will be sent his username & password on his registered mobile number. The candidate has to use that username password for successful logins. Don’t forget to enter the captcha correctly in the space provided & click on the login tab provided & click on submit tab.

Step 2: – Now the applicant needs to select “Internship Request under the candidate tab.

Step 3: – The candidate has to select the administration session and click on the “go” button.. 

Step 4: – As the candidate clicks on the go button, a list of those people who have applied for internship in that session will appear. The list will show the joining date of students for internship for the particular session.

In case the students who have not given the joining date, those Ex students can see the option of “fill School” in front of their names. The candidate has to click that option & can get the choice of schools in front of them. They can choose the school among those options. 

Checking the Request Status:  The applicant can check the request status by selecting district, course for which the internship has been applied, name of institute, name of the applicant & then by clicking on “Search” option.  

In case the applicant doesn’t see his name, he has to check either the selection preference or contact college who might not have registered your name on this portal yet..You can click on candidate name to know the internship request choice. 

Checking the Allotment Status:

The candidate can also check the allotment status by filling the name of institute, course & name of applicant & then click on “search” tab.

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