How to Setup Apple Smart Watch using Iphone

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many smart watch brands may be there and smart watch industry may have heavy competition but in all of them Apple smart watch has a special place in the hearts of customers, this may be because of its look, fragility, features and may be of brand value too, as new to apple watch you may find difficult for using it, so, here in this article i am going to discuss how to setup apple watch using Iphone, setup apple smart watch using Iphone is too easy but it is a step by step process which should be done carefully.

Setup Apple smart watch using Iphone

fully charge the watch: We know that every electronic device comes with an initial charge of some percent so we need to first charge the device to 100% this is a better way to use a device while going for a setup, instead of staring at the watch just take a small break after full charge is completed we go to setup.

Pairing watch with Iphone: As we ON the watch it asks to setup a preferable language and it takes to setup preferable language, now it asks you to open apple watch app which is preinstalled in updated versions f not install it in store.

The wonder of apple watch setup comes here that a blue color bubble like QR code like thing appears in the watch which is to be scanned by using camera of Iphone, if it can’t scan it then tap i button that appears on the watch which you can see appearing on the watch and it gives a six digit code which you need to type in apple watch app

Wrist preferences: These preferences are done by many options which is of user’s choice, registering apple watch with the apple ID is important, now it will undergo any diagnosis, location services and siri and many more, these settings for example we take location services can be done by turning on location in Iphone

security: now setup a passcode to apple watch which wont be needed until it is to wrist as we remove it will ask passcode, so keep an option that unlock with phone, by this when you unlock your phone it will also unlock the watch.

now comes the syncing data which is a bit time taking process, it syncs all the data and apps into the watch, you can that it is syncing by seeing the radial indicator

it just came to an end now you need to set the watch face, if you wont see any screen click the crown button and if you are not in then use force touch (press hard on the touch screen), now you can see a screen if not swipe the screen until your required screen appears.

after the setup you can go to settings and customize to yourself as there huge number of settings i think you can customize some of them

watch face can be customized through the phone also so just make neat, clean and easy way

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