SEO Link Building Tips

SEO has become one of the prominent features of Blogging and today’s online networking’s. So, for better SEO and optimization of blogs, Link building is also necessary. A link states that how healthy and efficient a Blog or website is. If you website is linked from a high Page rank website, then Search engines may feel that your website is also high and well reputed website and gives you same privilege of as other websites.

Is it necessary to do link building?
Yes, it is really necessary to build quality links. Which include Back links and paid links?
So we will be discussing few of the Link building tips for your website ranking. But now days, many people are using Non SEO methods and black hat method to do link building which is a wrong way of doing it. I would not recommend it.
Tips for better Link building
1. Content
Content is your trap to catch fishes. So be consistent at your work and never neglect your content.
If others link your content. They would link to give aback link to you in their article.
Make your content attractive and informative, so that it deserves a quality back link.
2. Guest Blogging
Do guest blogging on other reputed websites, so they take up as a guest writer and give a back link to your websites. Matt Cutts recently reveled that, this decade is the fall of guest blogging but it would never be true.
3. Presentation
Writing quality content isn’t only enough. Presenting it in better manner, so that it looks creative with stuff like PDF, Videos, etc. would be an added advantage.
4. Interview
Ask someone in your industry to take up your interview and write well about you. It would attract a lot more people to your websites with a quality back link.
Also, Take interviews of other people in your industry.
5. Wait
Now you have done everything, all you need to do is to wait for some time. Be patient. Link building isn’t fast and does not impact soon. So it may take some time.
Minor tips
USE pictures, Videos, PD, Giveaways, Interviews, Info graphics on your website.

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