Saint Pierre and Miquelon Internet Speed Test

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Here we have shared the information based on the Ookla Global index of Saint Pierre & Miquelon Internet Service’s

Average Internet Bandwidth of Saint Pierre & Miquelon by at April 2020

By Mobile Service Providers on April 2020 Reports ()

Rank Download Upload Latency / Ping
73.84 Mbps39.68 Mbps20 ms
Saint Pierre & Miquelon Mobile Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest)

By Fixed Broadband Service Providers on April 2020 Reports ()

Rank DownloadUploadLatency / Ping
75.16 Mbps12.32 Mbps18 ms
Saint Pierre & Miquelon Fixed Broadband Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest) for DSL & FTTH (Fiber)

Average Internet speed on Previous Records

Download Speed Upload Speed
74.5 Mb/s26 Mb/s
Average Broadband Speed of the Country

List of Internet Service Providers in Saint Pierre & Miquelon

Top 10 ISP’s of the Country

  • SPM Telecom

Internet Users Statistics for Saint Pierre & Miquelon

( 2019 Est. )
% Pop.
of Table
Internet Usage,
(% Population)
Users %
of Table
6,3750.0 %5,03378.9 %0.0 %3,100
Saint Pierre & Miquelon Internet Usage Statics

Top Internet Usage City’s of the Country

  1. Saint Pierre
  2. Miquelon

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