Saint Kitts and Nevis Internet Speed Test

The Top Internet Service Providers in Saint Kitts & Nevis, Check Complete Internet Services Profile with DATA Plans, Coverage City’s along with Official websites…

Here we have shared the information based on the Ookla Global index of Saint Kitts & Nevis Internet Service’s

?Average Internet Bandwidth of Saint Kitts & Nevis by at April 2020

By Mobile Service Providers on April 2020 Reports (?)

Rank ?Download ⏬Upload ⏫Latency / Ping
Saint Kitts & Nevis Mobile Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest)

By Fixed Broadband Service Providers on April 2020 Reports (?)

Rank ?Download⏬Upload⏫Latency / Ping
9825.68 Mbps8.41 Mbps26 ms
Saint Kitts & Nevis Fixed Broadband Internet Speed 2020 (*Latest) for DSL & FTTH (Fiber)

Average Internet speed on Previous Records

Download Speed ⏬Upload Speed ⏫
25.68 Mb/s8.41 Mb/s
Average Broadband Speed of the Country

?List of Internet Service Providers in Saint Kitts & Nevis

?Top 10 ISP’s of the Country

  • Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited
  • Digicel Jamaica
  • Cable & Wireless Antigua and Barbuda
  • The Cable of St. Kitts

?Internet Users Statistics for Saint Kitts & Nevis

( 2019 Est. )
% Pop.
Internet Usage,
(% Population)
% Region
56,3450.1 %45,47680.7 %0.2 %35,000
Saint Kitts & Nevis Internet Usage Statics

?Top Internet Usage City’s of the Country

  1. Basseterre
  2. Cayon
  3. Charlestown
  4. Dieppe Bay Town
  5. Gingerland
  6. Newcastle
  7. Old Road Town
  8. Sandy Point Town

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