How to Resolve Problems on Crediting Subsidy Gas Discount amount to bank account

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Hii, i am interested to tell here about How to Resolve Problems on Crediting Subsidy Gas Discount amount  to bank account, i has a very good friend Ravi, he booked the subsidy cylinder and paid the money at the time of delivery, even though a month passed he didn’t receive the discount money to his account.

He thought that dealer didn’t credited the amount into his account, he contacted the dealer and the dealer said he already credited the amount, he checked his account daily but he didn’t found the discount money credited in his account, this is not only problem of Ravi but many consumers of subsidy gas cylinders are facing the same problem.

The problem was started by connecting Aadhar to the bank accounts as well as subsidy gas books, this problem can be resolved by using small solutions which is in our hands i.e. using the mobile phone.

Contacting the gas agency dealers

Any customer can contact the gas agency dealers by the given contact numbers

HP gas 24 hours service number-9666023456

BHARAT gas 24 hours service number-9440156789

Any complaint about gas consumer can call to the toll free number for all gas agencies – 18002333555

If you want to know to which account the gas subsidy discount amount is crediting then you can dial *99*99# and your answer will be received as a message

Subsidy will be credited in the last aadhar linked account

May be from some months after linking aadhar to bank and gas you are receiving subsidy amount to the same account and suddenly you haven’t received the amount into the account for last time then you should see whether you have recently linked your aadhar to any of your bank accounts and check them too.

When a new bank account is linked to the aadhar it will be headed directly to NPCI (National payments corporation of India) where the account will be linked to the gas subsidy, so when ever you haven’t received gas subsidy amount then just dial *99*99# from phone, it will ask the registered aadhar no. and then press 1 to confirm it, now it you will show you your aadhar number and the bank account to which subsidy account is to be credited, it will show you the last time you received the subsidy amount.

Call ti Toll free number

For any complaint against any gas agency you can call to the toll free number 18002333555, generally house wives will take care of these things they think that customer care will talk only in English or hindi, but government has introduced all main south Indian languages like Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. You just dial the number and it will ask the language preference if you want telugu then you can press 3.

Now it will go to agency preference so if you are of HP gas press2, you are of Indane gas press 1, if you are of Bharat gas press 3. If your complaint is about subsidy then press1 and if it is of any other problems press2, now the call will be placed to the appropriate customer care agent where we can give our complaint and we will receive a message containing complaint number.

We can complain about gas subsidy problems, if the weght of the cylinder is decreased, if the cylinder has no seal while delivering, delivery is late, if any cheating has done by dealer and any other related to gas.

Want to credit into previous account

If you want to recieve the subsidy ammount in to the previous account then you can go to the respective bank can tell your probl and give aadhar zerox and ask to link the aadhar to bank account and if they say it is already linked then you ask that bank staff that subsidy is going to another account so please link the account to the NPCI server.

Failure in Transaction

Even though NPCI send the subsidy money to the bank account there may be a transaction failure, then you may contact the bank, they will solve the issue or if it is compulsory or required then they will update the aadhar to the account and NPCI server.

In these ways by using the cellphone any consumer can resolve the maximum problems related to the subsidy gas.

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