Pune Property Tax Pay Online at pmc.gov.in

Pune Property Tax Payment for Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Tax Payment Online at https://propertytax.punecorporation.org…

Pune is well known for its diversified state policies out of which the Municipal corporation taxing system has been accepted overall by all the citizens. In the view, the PMC which is the Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for making the tax allocations for all citizens depending on their property.

Property tax for Pune is one of the vital taxes that every individual has to pay who receives the property tax bills. Do not worry if you have not paid for the PMC property tax till now because we will help you understand how you can pay it.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how you can make the Pune property tax payment online, which is simple to follow once you go over the below instructions.

Pune Property Tax Payment

The Pune Municipal Corporation, MPC is responsible for advancing all the items related to the Pune property tax payment. So in this guide below we have instructed the steps that even a new citizen of Pune can follow in order to make their property tax payment.

  • Firs open the Pune PMC official website from here https://propertytax.punecorporation.org/
  • Then click on the Pay Online button which will now redirect you to a new page where you have to select the property information
  • On the next page you have to select your property type, then enter the Section ID and then enter the Peth ID, then enter the Account number
Pune Property Tax Details Search
  • Once these details are entered, then click on the Submit button and this will display your property ID number and all the details associated with, at the bottom you can find the Annual Rateable Value under which you will find the property tax amount to be paid under Total
Pune Property Tax Details
  • Under the Property Dues Details, select the amount to pay, challan number and enter your phone number and email address
  • Then select the payment gateway, and click on the Pay Online button which will redirect you to bill desk payment page
  • On the payment page you can use any of the payment methods to make your payment from online using debit,credit, online banking or UPI as well.
PMC Tax Payment Gateway

And in this way, you will be able to make the payment for the Pune property tax in no time once you go through the above instructions.

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