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PMC Water Bill or Pune Municipal Water Tax Payment Online at…

Pune is well equipped with amenities such as water, electricity, and property management that has allowed citizens to grow on their own. As part of the Pune Municipal Corporation taxing system, they have water bills generated every month that have to be paid accordingly.

It might be troublesome for someone new to understand how this actually works and how to make the payment as well. Mostly we used to follow the offline process of payment but now you can worry less back we will discuss how you can make payment for the Pune water bill right from your couch.

In this article, we will first show you the guide where you can learn to make Pune water bill payment from their PMC official website. After that, we also discussed making the PMC water bill payment from the Paytm app.

PMC Water Bill Payment for Pune Municipal Corporation Water Bill Payment

Many citizens of Pune, prefer to use the official website of their Pune Municipal Corporation in order to make payment for any tax or bills. So, we have shown the instructions that you need to follow to make the Pune water bill payment from their official website.

PMC Water Billing Management System Portal
  • Open the Pune Water Billing Management System official website from (This is a different website from their PMC website)
  • Then under the Login section use your mobile number and enter a password to log into your account
  • After that simply click on the Pay button which will open a popup where you have to enter your customer number and then click on the search button
  • This will generate the water bill that you have to pay and upon verification and review, click on the Pay Now button
  • On the next page you will find tons of payment options that you can use to make your Pune water bill payment!

Note: You need to create an account before you complete the above steps and if you do not want to create an account, then you can follow the below method to pay for the water bill from Paytm.

Pune Water Bill Payment by Paytm (*Direct Method)

Most of you might have the Paytm app with you which is classic because now most of the municipal corporations have aligned with them to make the online payment for bills easier. You can follow below steps to make your water bill tax payment for Pune from Paytm.

Pune Municipal Corporation Bill Payment by Paytm
  • Open your Paytm app and then click on more section and under this click on Water option
  • This will redirect you to the water bill payment page where you have to select the board by typing in Pune Municipal Corporation – Water
  • Then enter your consumer number which will be your PMC water bill number and click on Proceed button
  • After that Paytm will show you your pending water bill payment, review this, and then click on the Pay button to make your payment directly!

Note: Both the methods are the same, where you have to use your Pune Municipal Corporation water bill consumer number to generate the pending bill and then pay it as per your preferred payment option.

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