People Who Changed the Course of the Modern World

Years before our world weren’t the best. But the birth of great people took place in our world, who struggled to change our world and its situation. Ultimately the changed the whole course of our world and brought us the best we can have now. From technology to Myths, they starved for welfare of the world. We also consider those great leaders, who brought intensive change in our industrial, labour, technological development.

You may consider the example of Mark Zuckerberg who developed the social media status and took it a new generation, allowing billions of people to comminute to each other’s easily.JRD tat who changed the course of industrialization in India. Great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Shakes sphere, Abraham Lincoln, JF Kennedy
So, let’s discuss who accommodate and who served for a better future and a modern world full of technology.
1. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark zuckerberg who founded Facebook a Social Media sites which certainly changed the world of communication. Connecting billions of people around the world. He is one of the youngest billionaire.
2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates founded Microsoft with its co founder Steve Balmer. Microsoft has been serving people around the world with Windows and much other sub software. Making our world easier. He is the world’s richest man now with $77.1 Billion.
3. Mahatma Gandhi

India’s Father of nation. He is who brought freedom to Africa, India from the invaders with his weapon of non violence. He served his mother nation till his death. He became a ideal of the modern generation people to follow his footsteps and pave way to success.
4. Steve Jobs

A man of will and strength persuaded his dreams with great passion and built such a strong APPLE empire. He developed it completely. He was thrown away from his position of CEO of APPLE but he came back with the idea of MAC and Toy story Movie making successfully deals for him. He got his position back. I Phone brought made huge sales for APPLE.
5. Larry Ellison

CEO of oracle is the second richest man in tech with a net worth of $48 billion. His company was down last year with but made a huge come back and marked his second position. He also owns many movie productions.

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