NaviMaps For Android Smartphone’s – Best Navigation App

Yes, you heard me right. I am talking about navimaps android application which can help you locate you and your surroundings in different dimensions. You don’t only get a custom 3d look but offers variety of variations such as 2d and 3d.Mapmyyindia is a Indian cooperation which has been developing map navigation for a long time now and have launched one of their best navigation application. Mapmyindia launched Navimaps application now for android users for no cost at all.

Yeah, this is a freemium application for all android users. Do you want to know more about the map navigation software and its details? Then continue reading the post.

We know that Nokia rules when it comes to offline map navigation and instantly turn on navigation on windows phone. But now a new application is launched for android users only. To provide better navigation for free and you won’t need to pay after any time or date. But the device is still battling with Google maps which has been one of the android basic applications and used by millions of android users. But Google Maps requires internet connection to give navigations and other data, which become a money consuming process. So, I advise you to use Maymyindia which is better than Google maps for sure and works even offline.

About MapMyIndia
MapMyIndia is better, accurate and give more detailed map navigations details with custom 3 and 2 Dimensional looks for better realistic map navigations. It covers every corner and every length, breadth of our country with accuracy. It is only available for India. It is so because, it is being developed by a Indian navigation company with a concept to provide free, better, accurate map navigation system for Indian users. And the most important thing is that , you can run it offline as well.
Will MapMyIndia be available for IOS?
Yes,It is sure that MapMyIndia will be available for IOS very soon. According to the company, IOS app will soon be available for free in the market.

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